How To Find A Stylish Dress That Fits Your Body Shape?

If you have ever found yourself admiring a dress through the window store, but having it look awful on you once you try it on, you are not alone. Many women pass through this episode and it doesn't mean there is something wrong with their bodies. If it's any consolation, everyone is made differently. And just the same way our faces or heads aren't the same size and shape so does our bodies. So it's simply a matter of knowing your body shape, understanding it and purchasing dresses meant for it. Do this and you will be amazed at how many compliments you will receive. But how can you achieve this?



Know Your Body Shape


As already mentioned above, you should start by being aware of your body's type. Generally, there are five types of bodies, pear, hourglass, apple, circular and athletic. Now let's look at how you can perfectly find a dress for each one of them, without sweating it out!


1: The Pear/Triangle Shaped


You will know you belong in this group if your waist is undoubtedly wider than the chest/bust area. Also, your rear side and hips are full, while the shoulders are narrow. In other words, your shape is similar to that sweet fruit; the pear. If this sounds like you, then the first thing you should do when choosing a dress to divert people's attention to the upper half of the concealed thighs. So choose a dress with an open-shoulders, round or boat-shaped neckline. As for the sleeves, the voluminous they're the better. You can also consider one which is wing-shaped. Let the length be just below/ a little bit above the knees or just at the knees. Some of the ideal dresses that go with this body type are the baby doll, shirt, A-line, tube, and raised waist dresses.


2: The Hourglass


This is the ultimate dream body for most women, some have even gone to the extent of removing their ribs to achieve it. So if you have it, you have every right to feel proud and wear it correctly. You will know you belong here if you can generally describe your body as curvey, with a well-illustrated waist and with an equal measurement around the waist and bust. It doesn't matter if you're fuller around the bust, thighs, and hips.


Actually, you should be bursting with excitement as this is one of the simplest body types to dress. If this sounds like you, then you might as well think of flaunting it with some prom 2019 sneak peek collection. From formal gowns, strapless dresses to mermaid pieces, you will never run out of options. Just ensure prioritize the chest and the hips and everything else will fall into place. Therefore, a V-shaped or round neckline will be great. Complement it with various raglan sleeve lengths and to the middle-of-the kneels length, and you will be good to go. Consequently, lookout for tube, baby doll, and sheath dresses.


3: The Apple/ Inverted Triangle Shape


You're likely to find yourself in this body type if you can comfortably describe yourself as well-proportioned. Also, generally, your shoulders are wider than the hips and you miss a well-defined waistline( well, even if you do, you can't compare yourself with the hourglass.) If this is so you, then always look-out for dresses that intentionally seek to conceal the size of your upper part. And to achieve this, concentrate on highlighting the thighs and the legs.

Therefore, in this case, choose one with a V-shaped, asymmetric or carre neckline. As for the sleeves, aim for the narrow and simple and let the lower part shine with an above-the-knee length. So consider bodycon, basque, wrap, shirt and straight dresses.



4: Athletic. Straight/Rectangular Shape


If you know that you aren't particularly curvey but your hip and shoulder measurements rhyme, then yours might be the straight type. Also, most individuals in this category have a fair distribution of weight throughout their body and their waist is neither too thick, small or defined. In this case, therefore, concentrate on finding a gown that will boost the contrast between the waist and the thighs if at all you want to achieve a feminine appeal.


Now that you know your strong and weak points, let's see how to dress the various body parts. First, for the neckline, always go for one with a V-shaped, draped or keyhole. And as for the length, the above the knees or higher would do perfectly. You, however, don't have to stress yourself concerning the sleeves, as any design can do. A bodycon, basque, sheath, wrap or tube dress will do justice to this shape.


5: Circular


A circular body might be quite frustrating to dress, but you will definitely love the results once you figure out how. And if you are yet to identify if yours belongs here, you will be glad that it's pretty easy to know since there are fewer factors to put into consideration. This is because individuals with this body type generally have no illustrated waistline. The middle section simply appears circular or round. So you will have to ensure you divert the attention from the stomach and work on stretching your figure while giving your legs some accentuation. So go for dresses with a round or V-shaped neckline, an above-the-knee length and for once. let the arms go bare. Or if you must have the sleeves, them let them be as minimalistic as possible. Therefore for an amazing feel, choose straight, shirt, wrap, A-line and high-waist dresses.




Remember, a well-chosen dress should always emphasize your best features while concealing the not-so-good ones. And you will begin enjoying dressing yourself if you stick to some vital principles on each body type, as clearly mentioned above. And as you can see from the details, it's as simple as ABC! No woman is ugly, everyone is beautiful in a unique way. And realizing this will help you gain self-confidence, love yourself, which translates to looking and feeling beautiful before others. It begins from the mind and it's a choice you have to make.