How To Fit In A Study Space In A Tiny Home Area

If you are a student who is finishing up their undergraduate course or is already pursuing a graduate degree, a study area is a must-have in your home. It’s the spot where you can drop all your other concerns and just focus on the assignments that you have from school.  


However, because of the scarcity of space, it is sometimes very difficult to find a spot that you can dedicate to your scholastic pursuits. There is a need to be a bit more creative so that space can be better utilized and more useful elements such as tables and shelves can be added to it. We discuss here some of the space-saving but very clever ideas that you can use so you can finally have that study area that you deserve.

Raise the bed and put a study table underneath it.


The American University Preparatory School (AUP) is one of several California boarding schools for international students that have standardized this functionality for their students. It is located right at the heart of Los Angeles. It has a dormitory that serves many of its students, both foreign and local. What’s catchy about the dorm’s layout is how space is maximized. The designers brought the bed up as if it’s at the upper portion of a double-deck bed.


Underneath it is a wide study table that can also serve as storage nook for books and other school items. Basically, one student occupies only a bed space, but such bed space is already able to serve two very important functions. You can very well do the same in your home. You just have to be sure that the bed is securely attached to the wall.

Convert a side table into a study desk, and surround the headboard of your bed with bookshelves.


Following the principle of duality, you can very well work on a side table just as long as it’s of the right height and width. Doing this maximizes not only the space but also the use of the side table. Instead of it being just a temporary storage space for your pair glasses, it actually will have become your very own intellectual workshop.


So that you will have some storage space for your books, you can convert the wall space that surrounds your headboard into shelves. When your books are already neatly arranged there, the shelves will double as wall decor or space filler. Now, that’s duality indeed!

There is space under the stairs; use it.


If you are someone who gets easily distracted by the sight of your bed, then doing the second option is probably not for you. You will need to get your study area out of the bedroom. Where should you transfer it? If your house is seriously out of usable space, the area under the stairs can be your best friend. In most homes, this area is just left empty. But you can actually install wall-mounted shelves and a folding table there. This way the table won’t obstruct your path when it is not in use.