How To Get Better Efficiency And Service Life From Your Air Conditioner

Photography By Radu Florin @raduflorin



Air conditioners have gotten more efficient, more durable, and more expensive over the years. The newer coolants are partially blamed, they don't eat the ozone layer anymore, and cause almost no greenhouse gas problems, but they are more expensive to manufacture and run at higher pressures than previous generations. There are, however, several things that the average homeowner can do to get the most life out of an air conditioner unit, here are some tips.


Fewer Repairs And Lasting Longer Are The Same


In nearly every respect, helping your AC unit need fewer repairs is the same as making it last longer at the same time. Everything that you do to reduce the wear and tear on the unit, translates to fewer breakdowns and a longer lifetime as well.


Of course, the first, and easiest, thing you can possibly do is keep the unit clean. Make sure that the coils, cooling fans, and every other part that you can see is clean. Also, clean and change the filters at regular intervals. This helps your AC unit work less hard and run fewer hours to provide the same level of comfort in your home.


There is a direct relationship to the number of hours a unit works and how often it will break down. There is an outside component to your unit and it should be kept clean of dirt, dust, cobwebs, bicycles and lawn furniture.


There shouldn't be anything obstructing the air flow for several feet on all sides and above as well. Also, it shouldn't be sitting in the direct sunlight that makes it work harder to expel the heat that it is extracting from inside your home. Elite Austin AC repair will help you fix anything you need if something goes wrong with your AC unit.


Clean Your Air Ducts Too


If you have central air, meaning that it's delivered through ductwork in your home, make sure all of the ducts are clean, the furnace filter is clean, and that none of the ducts are blocked by furniture. Air moves faster with less resistance when the ducts are clean and smooth.


Also, make sure that if your system is using the furnace fan to force the air through the ducts, that the fan belt is in good shape, adjusted to the proper tension, and performing efficiently.


Get Regular Leak Checkups


The newer coolants travel through the AC unit at a much higher pressure than the old ones did so they do have a tendency to leak more. Have your unit maintained and serviced often to check for leaks. When your air conditioner is low on coolant, it works harder and will wear out far sooner than if it's in top condition.


Also, if you have an older air conditioner, there have been several updates to the coolants over the years. Some of the older coolants are up to 20% less efficient than the latest and most advanced. That translates into a 20% higher energy bill and 20% shorter lifetime for the same amount of service. Ask your technician the exact facts when he comes to do the maintenance, there are several variables to consider.


When it comes to saving money on your air conditioner, many times spending a little for top level care will save lots down the road. Just like any good machine, keeping it clean and fit will return the best results every time.