How To Give A Homey Feel To Your House At The Beach

How To Give A Homey Feel To Your House At The Beach


Transforming your beach house into a dream home from a nautical fantasy takes an artistic eye and a few decorations here and there. The sound of the crashing waves outside your window would complement a touch of rustic décor and wicker furniture. If you’re wondering how you can give your beach house a homey feel, here’s how:



While potted plants are an easy way to decorate any home, they can add a rustic feel to your beach home, primarily because the contrast of greens and blues can be stunning. Low-maintenance plants can range from succulents to small house trees. Some of the most popular house plants for beach houses include the Chinese money plant, which is small enough to be potted on your coffee table. 

Oxalis are also a great option, as they come in maroon red, and add some colorful pizzazz to your home. If you want to opt for taller plants, the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ Plant) can be potted next to your living room furniture. As for bathrooms, plants in hanging pots can give an instant graceful look to any washroom. Some of the most commonly used plants for bathrooms include the String of Pearls, which grow long tendrils of round green beads. 


Hanging planters are not your only decorative options when it comes to ceiling adornments. Lately, employing luxurious jewelry in beach house makeovers has become a DIY craze, seeing as it can add an effortless sumptuous touch to your home. Necklaces can be dangled from hooks, or from your ceiling in spacious areas. 

On the other hand, necklace holders on your dressing table can add a luxurious feel to your bedroom. Stay away from gold and silver, and opt for beads. Ideally, peals are your best option, seeing as they’re a must-have for every seasider. If you’re not sure where to purchase pearl collections for your home, the absolutely stunning options this website offers is a good place to start. Make sure you keep your pearls away from children and pets. 

Rustic Furniture 

A few wicker baskets here and there can complement wooden floorboards. That said, wicker baskets make great storage spaces and add a rustic edge to your beach house. Bamboo furniture can also have the same effect, while it’s also recommended for beach homes because the material can withstand moisture and humidity. While wicker, bamboo, or rattan furniture is conveniently water-resistant, it will also give your house a homey cottage appearance. 

That said, these materials can also add a little color to your interior if you have plain or white furniture. For hanging adornments, you can opt for wind chimes over your front door; although old-school, they can be relaxing and are a timeless piece of decoration. 


Paintings or photographs of the sea can bring the nautical feel of the beach inside your home. And while you would normally worry about cluttering your walls with too many frames in an urban home, plastering photographs in every corner of your beach house can complement your interior design, and give it a more seaside feel. 

Unlike urban homes, modern interiors can contrast the theme of your surroundings. While you would have to think of a theme for a house in the city, you already have it set for your beach home, and it is right outside your window. Even if your property is landlocked, you can complement your paintings with some seascape wallpaper. 

DIY Rope Makeover

If you don’t already have anchor-inspired decorations in your home, you can opt for a DIY makeover with some rope. It can be as simple as hanging rope from your ceiling to create a faux canopy look for your bed. Alternatively, you can create some low tables from an old tire by gluing rope around it with the use of a glue gun and fixing around the wood slab to the top. You can also purchase rope, furniture online, but DIY projects are always more fun if you’re feeling crafty. 


Instead of storing your beach hats and tote bags in your closet, why not incorporate them into your interior décor? Nailing hooks into your walls can be convenient, while they also make for a cheap way to display your beachwear. Beach hats and colorful tote bags can add some color to your living room, while you can also hang them on your bedroom door as practically effortless decorations. 


Opting for timeless décor is always your best choice for a cozy beach home. Blues and greens go great against the backdrop of crashing waves, while adding simple decorations such wicker baskets and the wind chimes can make your home feel like an ethereal abode. Stay away from modern furniture and adornments, as they may clash with the surroundings of your beach property.