How To Grow A Window Garden & Green Your Home This Year

Leading psychologists suggest that as big holidays come near, people start thinking about money and their dreams. Often these thoughts get lost in the excitement and celebrations of the New Year and Christmas, but let’s get those thoughts back online. One of the most significant ways in which you can relax this year and also fulfill some part of your dream home is by redecorating! 


Redecorating here does not mean changing the setting of your home, maybe buy a new coffee table but rather doing something fun, exciting, and really out of the box. In this article, we are going to cover some of the most innovative and hottest trends that you can use this year to give your home and year a fresh start!


How to Grow a Window Garden?


Yes, you read that right, and it’s possible. Let’s outline the steps in the simplest ways.

 The first step is recon. Go around your house and try to figure out the various places where you can have a window garden. Few points to remember are:


  • It should be a window which has plenty of sun coming through it.

  • The window should have a sturdy platform.

  • The window should be in an isolated area of the room such that it doesn’t hamper the rest of the dynamics of the room.


Steps to Creating the Window Garden – 


  1. Choosing the appropriate is very important as it effectively lays down a foundation for your window garden.


  1. The next step is the fun part. Choosing your plants! This step should be carried out very carefully and with proper planning. While choosing the plants, you can either go for an herb-based garden or just put down the plants randomly and play favoritism. 


There are a few types of plants that are called plant annuals that need to be replaced annually and few, which need to be re-sown more often. You can also consider growing those herbs that you regularly use in your cooking a diet. You can look at various online references and also consider a local gardener to make a better choice of the types of plants that you want to grow.


  1. After choosing your plants and deciding the place in your home, it’s time to sow! Buy pots according to the window size and buy less at first. After you’re comfortable with your garden, then go in for more pots. You can mix things up by choosing colorful pots, pots with patterns, etc. Don’t choose heavy pots for safety.


  1. While filling up the soil, you can either go for your regular garden soil or also consider special mixes, available at your local store. Don’t fill the soil to the brim; make informed choices regarding your garden. After sowing the seeds, and putting up the platforms, the aftercare of the plants is the most important. 


Few points that are very important as part of after-care of the plants are:


  • Plant a few seedlings 1⁄4 inch beneath the soil’s surface.

  • Use loose soil for good drainage from the pot.

  • Mist as a seedling and keep moderately damp when fully grown, keeping the plant and the environment around the pant moist is very important. Dehydration can kill a plant very quickly.

  • Keep the temperature warm, around 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) would be apt for most plants. Keep a check on the particular conditions that your specific plant requires.

  • Plenty of sunshine (at least six hours a day) is an absolute must. You can also consider redecorating around the window garden to give the garden and room an extra sheen. 


Renovating Your Home with Décor


A window garden is just one of the options to get your home to be the trendsetter. Other ways in which you can excel at your interior decoration are:


1. Wall Decors: Instead of hanging those regular old frames, grab the opportunity for some beautiful artwork painted on one of the walls with a contrasting color pallet. You can hang canvas prints, portraits, and paintings as well. CanvasPop gives some really good options with amazing deals for custom canvas prints.



2. Change that China: Take out those old wine glasses and regular cup and plates. Take the risk of buying new and popping dishes. They give an extra touch to your meals!


3. Mirrors: the most underrated but most used piece of furniture in your home. But we often go in for simple designs. Consider putting up mosaics around the mirrors, so brighten up the room, and with that, you don’t have to buy an extra piece of décor as well!


4. Fabrics: Fabrics are often ignored in the world of home décor, but just by changing a few textures and mixing up the fabrics according to the dynamics of the room.


Well, here it goes the best décor trends to start the year off. The window garden, canvas prints all seem like a doable yet interesting project. Get your shoes off and start that interior decorating.