How To Let Creativity Back Into Your Life

Every child is born with an innate sense of creativity, and it is only as we grow older and face more responsibilities that we lose that important trait. Creative people are those that never lost that instinct and continue to develop it throughout their lives. If you’re stuck in a 9-5 job that doesn’t inspire you or allow for any creative output, then the chances are that you are feeling unsatisfied and in need of a change. You don’t have to quit your job, but you may need to introduce a new way of thinking into your life. If you're feeling the quiet need for a little more creativity and imagination in your life, here are some thoughts to consider.


Allow creative time in your day


If your work schedule is jammed full and there’s no peace and quiet at home, it can be tricky to find the time and space needed to explore your creativity. However, there’s no need to start petitioning your state for a few extra hours in the day. Instead, look at the way that you relax and consider if it’s a productive and creative use of your time. It’s very easy to flop in front of the television for a few hours at the end of a day, but it’s not doing your mind any good. Instead, start thinking about the novel you want to write, or get the easel and paints out. The more time that you are able to spend focusing on your own creativity, the more natural it will become. Aim to minimize distraction and get lost in your imagination.


Find the right creative outlet


Not everyone wants to write poetry or is capable of painting much more than a stick figure, but your creativity needn’t be limited to what you can’t do. Look for activities that give you joy and allow you to explore your creative side. This could be anything from writing a new piece of code to setting up a band. Look for creative ideas that you already enjoy doing, and if that means writing a song that you can belt out in the shower, then that’s a good use of your time. The more that you open yourself up to creativity, the more that you’ll learn. Taking these small steps and fine-tuning what you want to do with your mind is the key. If you want to start a band, look for instrument deals with Musicians Friend Coupon Codes and set up a rehearsal space for you and your friends. Find an art class to enroll in and see what wondrous pieces of art you can produce. Find the right creative outlet and your creative freedom will grow naturally.


Surround yourself with creative people


It’s all too easy to end up surrounded by toxic people. From unpleasant family members to frustrating work colleagues, sometimes these toxic characters are unavoidable. That’s why it’s so important that you make an effort to spend time with more creative personalities. They say that creativity is contagious, and you’ll notice your own creative juices will flow much more naturally when you're surrounded by those that have allowed for greater creativity in their lives. If you already have an idea about your creative outlet, then link up and meet other people who are into the same thing. Social interaction can be a great prompt for creative thinking, and even the most introverted people will be able to find something that they can tolerate, even if for short bursts of time.


Try new things


If you want to really stimulate your creative juices, then opening yourself up to new experiences is often the only prompt that you need. That’s one of the reasons why travel and creativity so often go hand in hand. You don’t need to start booking flights to far-flung destinations of course. Inspire your creativity by occasionally stepping outside of your comfort zone. Next time you're walking through the city, take off your headphones and put your phone away. Really see the world around you, and listen to it as well. Try being more mindful of your surroundings, and your creativity will thank you for it. Don’t overthink the need for trying new things. Simply allow yourself to become more aware that you can do anything.


Creativity is now becoming a much sought-after character trait for employers. Being able to generate fresh ideas and original directions for a business can be just as important as every other part of business management. Creativity is, therefore, an essential skill to learn, and whether it’s for work or for your own life pleasure, being more creative is the first step to becoming a better you.