How To Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly


There should be no doubt in our minds right now that the Earth needs our protection. Its resources are getting depleted at a faster rate than they can be replenished, and it’s becoming more and more polluted.


Having said that, there is now a need to level up on the concrete steps that we take to save the environment. One way is to refrain from using straws and other single-use plastics that can contribute to pollution. Another is to use items as much as possible. Both sides of paper sheets should be written on and plastic containers should be recycled.  All this is done in an effort to reduce waste.


Aside from those, we can also choose to make our homes a bit more environmentally friendly. How? Read on.

Let more light in

Our use of electricity, no matter how blameless it looks, leads not only to the depletion of resources but also to environmental pollution because of the burning of fossil fuels. Hence, any effort to reduce our electricity consumption is going to take us a long way.


Letting more sunlight in our home reduces our need to light up our spaces using artificially produced light from electric bulbs and lamps. With this, installing glass windows and even glass roofs can really make us truer to our advocacy of going green. Trustworthy firms like Van Isle Glass are going to help a lot with our glass installation and repair needs.

Collect rainwater

Water is among our most widely used resources. In addition to drinking it, we use it to wash clothes, dishes, and even ourselves. We also use it to flush out wastes in the toilet.


Still, it is clear that the water that we use for some tasks does not really have to be fresh and potable all the time. You see, using clean water to flush wastes is too much. Water used on plants doesn’t have to be purified either. In fact, it’s far more valuable for plants if we water them using liquids that contain more minerals and other substances.


Rainwater is going to be great for such tasks. Not only is it free, it also pours abundantly when it comes. All you have to do is to find ways to collect rainwater safely and effectively. Setting up rainwater tanks is one of the most common ways currently employed by others.

Use plants to purify the air

It’s totally understandable if we want to make our homes as fresh smelling as possible. However, using sprays to achieve that is going to raise eyebrows, especially if we’ve been advocating for environmental concern lately. Sprays contain chemicals that can harm the environment. So, a good alternative to this is having plants inside and around the home. Plants, especially some specific varieties, are natural air purifiers.


However, if there really is something foul-smelling nearby that even plants cannot take care of, you can use another organic solution: charcoal. This dark material is known to really have the ability to naturally absorb molecules that cause foul smells.


Going green really requires conscious effort, especially if you’ve been used to doing it the ‘wrong’ way. But all the adjustments are going to be worth it if it’s our Earth that we are able to save in the end.