How To Make Your Luxury Rental Home Look Its Best

If you’re renting out a luxury home, you understand that your prospective clients are keen for the high-end living experience they’re prepared to pay for. While your home may speak for itself in size, design and location, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference when it comes to keeping your luxury rental home looking its best.

Here’s how to make subtle improvements to your home to bring in the highest amount of interest in your home:

1. Keep things current

Preserving your luxury home’s history is one thing, but no-one wants to feel as if they’ve stepped back into the old ages in a rental home. Modern and minimalist is always best when it comes to attracting the most interest, so consider throwing out anything that is outdated or past its best.

2. Schedule end-of-lease deep cleans

When a home is lived in for even a short period of time, it starts to look, well, lived in. Which means furniture might get a little tired, walls may be subtly marked and scratched, carpets might fade, and so on. Hiring a professional cleaning company, such as Melbourne based Sparkle and Shine, to deep clean your luxury home will help to give it a much-needed refresh and bring things back up to like-new quality again.

3. Maintain your outdoor space

Your luxury home could look a million dollars, but if your garden is tired, it’s probably going to affect the vibe of the whole property. Having a nice garden does more than just improve a home – statistics have even found that exposure to green space could save your life. Consider hiring gardeners to tend to your outdoor areas, and think about how to make the most of the space, perhaps by adding water features and other high-end outdoor garden features.

4. Change your flooring

The right flooring can say a lot about your luxury home- and as soon as it starts to get old and past its best, it’s past time to move on. Hardwood flooring is generally the easiest to maintain in the long run, but there are, of course, numerous benefits to carpeting certain rooms such as your living room and bedrooms. Keep an eye out on the top flooring trends and mimic your favorites if you want to keep your luxury home looking at its best from bottom up.

5. Less is more

While it might be tempting to put your own touches on your luxury rental home, try to keep it to a minimum. A rental home shouldn’t be much further up from a blank canvas that offers the smaller design choices at the renter’s discretion. Nobody wants a cluttered kitchen or living area, and be wary of prints or designs that are too bold and not to everybody’s taste. Less is always more when it comes to luxury rentals – you don’t want your home to feel already lived-in when your new tenant moves in.