How To Maximize Your Living Space

Photo by Im3rd Media on Unsplash

Moving home is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the fact you need more space. With a growing family or maybe a business that you run from home, your current property just might not be big enough to accommodate everything and everyone you need with you. 


However, moving isn’t always going to be practical. It costs a lot of money, it’s extremely disruptive, and if you love your home and where you live, it can be upsetting too. If you need more space but truly don’t want to move, you might think you’re in a no-win situation, but there are some things you can do to improve your situation and keep everyone – including yourself – happy. 


Use Your Attic 

What do you currently use your attic for? Is it for storage and junk? That’s what most people tend to use the space above their heads for, and most of the time, it’s not even thought about. Yet this can be a large space, certainly big enough to be made into an extra bedroom, perhaps even a bedroom with an additional bathroom. Alternatively, it could make an ideal nursery, playroom, or even a great study where you can run your business in peace. 


Adding a dormer loft conversion will give you the best use of the space in your attic, and so it’s worth contacting professionals for an estimate so that you can discuss the work involved. If you think this will help you, click here for more information. 


Use Your Yard

Not everyone has an attic, or it might be that you already use it for something useful. If that’s the case, then it’s time to think about your yard instead. Your outside space is a wonderful thing to have, but how much time do you really spend outside? Is there a part of your yard that you can afford to lose? If so, there are two options for you to give you more space. The first is to add a conservatory to the back or side of your property. Doing this will mean you lose some of your yard to the construction, but it also means that you will gain an entirely new room, which can be exactly what you need. 


The second option is to add a room in your yard that isn’t attached to your house at all. A shed with power and light, or a custom-built room, can be a perfect spot for a home office or an ideal place for older children and teenagers to hang out if they need some time for themselves. 


Rearrange The Interior 

Of course, there isn’t always going to be the funds, space, or time to add new rooms to your property (although these new rooms will improve the property value, so it can be seen as an investment for the future). There is still something you can do to maximize your living space, and that is to rearrange the interior of your home. 


Start in one room and complete that before moving on to the next since this will be the least disruptive way of changing things around. Simply by moving a large piece of furniture to another spot in the room, or by turning it around, you can increase your floor space, and this can be a great alternative. 


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