How To Prevent Cockroaches

How To Prevent Cockroaches


Cockroaches have been around since pretty much the beginning of time. And while we can respect their resilience through the trials and tribulations of centuries past, we don’t necessarily want them running around our household, grossing us out and giving us a fright. That, and the fact that they carry around bacteria and potentially spread disease is enough reason to encourage you to take preventative measures in order to keep these creepy crawlers out.


If you’ve ever been faced with the demise of a cockroach attack, then the obvious reaction is to smoosh them with a hard object or a slipper or spray them with a household insect spray. But this doesn’t eliminate the issue from its root. In this event, the best option would be to contact professionals that specialize in cockroach control as they would know exactly where the sources are and they would have the right chemicals to take care of the situation for a considerably long amount of time. But what is it that we can do to prevent their appearance, to begin with? There are a couple of tips that will prove to be useful in keeping cockroaches away.


This point is a given. It’s important that you clean your house on a daily basis thoroughly so that you don’t give the cockroaches a reason to enter your home. Make sure that you wash dirty dishes immediately, take the trash out as often as possible, and clean away any crumbs. Assign an area for eating only- don’t let members of the family eat in every single room because this will only make your cleaning process more exhausting.

How To Prevent Cockroaches



Have a good look around your home in corners and by the door to see if there are any holes or crevices from which the cockroaches can enter. Make sure that you seal all of them to minimize the risk of cockroaches finding a way into your home. You can have a rubber seal put on the bottom of your doors if there is a slight gap. If you have exhaust fans placed in your bathrooms and kitchen, you can place a mesh net on the outside of it so that there is no risk of bugs coming in, or you can invest in the fans that have shutters on them that close as soon as you switch off the fans.


Cockroaches thrive in damp areas, so to make sure that there are no leaks or holes, or just generally any issues in your plumbing, make it a point to have the pipes and plumbing checked regularly in order to avoid this altogether.


You can find traps in any convenient store and place them strategically around the house. These kinds of traps have a special scent that attracts the roaches and once they go to check them out, they get caught in a sticky substance. You need to check these every so often because you don’t want to have dead roaches lying around your house.


This is another form of trap, the only difference is that this is an insecticide that is camouflaged as food. The cockroach eats it and dies from the poisoning. This is more effective than the traps because usually the roach will not die immediately and most probably will head back to their place where there will be other roaches, and the insecticide will spread and kill the rest of the clan.


This is yet another deterrent that is bound to keep the cockroaches away from your home. All you need to do is mix these two ingredients together to make a dough-like paste, that you will form into little balls and keep by the sink, the bathrooms, or even the trash cans outside your home. Be careful if you have pets or kids because this can cause irritation and is quite toxic.


If you have pets or children, or if you’d just rather stay away from chemicals altogether, then there are natural options that you can turn to in order to keep the roaches out of your house.


  • Baking soda & Sugar: This is the non-toxic alternative to boric acid. It pretty much works in the same way- make a paste, form it into little balls and place around the house. Be careful though because even though it’s not toxic, you don’t necessarily want pets and kids eating them either!

  • Dried Bay Leaves: Cockroaches despise the smell of bay leaves, and the great thing about using them is that they won’t go bad. Use dried bay leaves around the house to keep the critters out.

  • Coffee Trap: Coffee is something that roaches are actually quite fond of, but you can use it as bait to trap and kill them because the caffeine will end up killing them as it is toxic to roaches.

  • Essential Oil Cotton Balls: There are specific scents that roaches simply cannot stand. Get a bag of cotton balls and soak them in a mixture of peppermint, cedarwood, and cypress essential oil and then place these cotton balls around the house in areas that you feel they may try to enter from.

  • Fabric Softener Spray: This is yet another scent that makes roaches run in the other direction. Get a spray bottle and mix some fabric softener with a bit of water. You can spray this on surfaces and pretty much anything, as the smell will be wonderful for you, but a nightmare for them!


The key to keeping the roaches away from your home to make sure that you keep it as clean as you possibly can. Make sure that your plumbing is regularly checked so that they don’t have any damp environment calling out to them and always keep some kind of bait, whether it be natural or chemical, at the ready so that you can get rid of them if they do turn up. Don’t have any food laid out in plain sight (or smell!) and always follow the precautionary steps just to ensure that you are completely fully secure in keeping them out of your house.