How To Recover After A Brutal Workout

You know you’ve had a brutal workout when you feel amazing and at the same time feel like your soul is slowly leaving your body. As an active athlete, you cannot just give your 100% at the gym and then spend the next four days resting. Instead, you need to find a way to quickly recover your body and ensure you come back stronger than ever before. Maybe it sounds a little bit tricky, but with these tips you will realize that a couple of post-workout routines can do wonders for you. 

The foam roller magic

You probably have a foam roller at your gym, but in case you don’t you should definitely invest in one. This simple device can stimulate blood flow and loosen the muscle tissues, therefore allowing your body to recover a lot faster. So, the next time you are done with your workout, lie on the mat and try foam rolling. If you include this activity into your post-workout routine, you will even lower the risk of injury in the long run.

Eat a nutritious meal

In order to easily recover, your body needs to be properly fueled. Therefore, an hour after your workout prepare yourself a delicious post-workout meal of fresh foods. It should contain protein along with some complex carbohydrates. Even if you are on a low-carb diet, consume most of the carbs you do allow yourself shortly after your workout, so make sure they also have a place on your plate. If you lack inspiration and you have no idea what to eat after a workout, online you can find so many great home-prepared meal ideas for athletes, so check them out. 

Take a probiotic

As you probably know, the purpose of a probiotic is to improve or restore gut flora. However, it doesn’t only keep your digestive system healthy, but your immune system as well. A healthy immune system keeps you protected from various illnesses and also enables your body to tolerate the stressors of everyday life, such as exercise. When your immune system is weak, you are not able to easily recover. Therefore find a quality probiotic supplement and do your body a favor.

Protein to the rescue

Contrary to popular belief, protein shakes won’t turn you into a Hulk. These drinks just give your muscles a quick shot of amino acids to jump-start recovery. Oh, and they are delicious, too!

Don’t forget to hydrate

Naturally, during a brutal workout you sweat a lot, which means that your body loses a lot of water. Your muscles need water to function properly, so make sure you rehydrate after your exercise. If you are not a huge fan of water, you can opt for sports drinks that are not only delicious but also contain everything your body needs to recover.