How To Save Money On Razors and Shaving

Shaving is a thing that cannot be ignored by anyone and it holds significant weight especially when it comes to being clean, neat, grooming and while making a good impression. Shaving has never been this cool with all these new safety razors with four to five layers which honestly speaking do a pretty nice job. However, this said and done you might notice that thanks to all these technological advancements it is more expensive than it was earlier in the days. Shaving too has become a regular thing and this has majorly been brought about by all the office people who want to keep a high profile and maintain a cool look in the office all year long. Shaving is not a matter of going to the barber as per se as it has now become even more convenient for homes.

A blog post from has clearly told of how exorbitant the pricing has been on razors. Take for example the Gillet with the five-level razors came in for a certain price and trust me thanks to the loyal customers and all those who love quality their prices were at an all-time high but after that, the version that came next had a four-level razor setting for the same price. Did the sales go down? No. Many people did not even notice. However, you can actually replace your razors very conveniently at your own pace. Thanks to Bearded Colonel you can get quality and quantity all in one place.

Stock up

I tend to think that some of these things should be bought in a rather larger pack than most people buy. Say for example a shaving cream should be done in a much larger pack which arguably is cheaper and it will serve you for much longer. This will save you the trouble of all these disappointments especially when you look at your shaving schedule. This also applies to razors too. When you purchase razors make sure that you can take an extra set just in case you need it to come in handy. Especially for those who do wet shaves, you will need to make sure that your blades are sharp enough for that good shave.

Sharpen your blades

Sharpening your blades is also another option that many people have never thought of exploring. Did you know that you can actually sharpen your razor with a pair of jeans? Yes, you can. Stroke your razor in the opposite direction to which you shave onto jeans and trust me it will be as good as new. This comes in handy with the concept of reusing and also cost saving.

Clean and dry your razors

Razors are made from steel and from my earlier knowledge of chemistry in relation to a chemical reaction I learned about rust and how metal, water, and air don’t blend in so well. It is important that you wash your blades and be careful not to wash it with your fingers or you will be looking for bandage too then you need to dry it and store in a safe place.