How To Use CBD In Your Cooking

CBD is undoubtedly the most hyped-up health and wellness product of the century, and rightly so. Not only is it one-hundred percent natural, it’s also widely successful in treating a range of mental and physical health problems, and is incredibly diverse in type.

While many people choose to vape, ingest or apply CBD straight up in oil, tablet or cream form, others choose to get more inventive. If you’re a CBD fan, and you’re interested to know how to use it in your cooking, here are some tips and tricks for getting it right:

  1. Look specifically for CBD cooking products

There’s no harm in including any CBD product into your cooking, but purchasing oils and powers that are specifically designed for the job will help you to get the most out of your cooking. If you’re unsure where to look for CBD cooking oils, Amazon offers a broad selection of products which can be used similarly to olive oil.

  1. Be cautious with heat

It’s worth bearing in mind that if you’re cooking with CBD, it can evaporate at particularly high temperatures. The boiling point for CBD is between 160 to 180 degrees, so avoid frying on high heat or grilling at temperatures above this. Some people choose to add their CBD oil afterwards, as a dressing, but if you want to infuse your whole dish, just be mindful of the heat.

  1. Choose high-quality products

If you’re committing to cooking with CBD, you want to be able to appreciate the product’s full potential- which means being able to taste it in your dishes. Poorer-quality CBD oils can get lost in some dishes, and, even worse, may contain toxins. When shopping around, avoid products with ridiculously low price tags, and always look at reviews.


  1. Don’t be too heavy-handed

It’s important not to be slapdash when you’re measuring out your CBD quantities. Always stick to the instructions on your product’s label to avoid accidentally overdosing. There is a lower chance of this happening if you’re cooking with a specially designed CBD cooking oil, which will usually contain a lower quantity of the compound, whereas some supplement drops can be more concentrated.

  1. Find recipes on the internet

If you’ve never cooked with CBD before, it may be best to test out a few internet recipes before dashing off to purchase a CBD cooking book. There are thousands of free, easy-to-access recipes online offering inventive ways to include CBD in your sweet and savory dishes. Most recipes are also vegan friendly- a double bonus for the health-conscious of us.

  1. Store your oil properly

CBD is sensitive to both heat and light, so avoid storing your oil anywhere that may cause it to lose quality says The best location for storing CBD is on a cold, dark shelf away from extreme heat or damp. The fridge is a good location for storage; however, it is worth noting that some oils may become thicker in cooler temperatures. If your CBD oil has become too thick, running it under hot water should help thin it out.