How To Use Word Games To Increase Your Children's Vocabulary

How To Use Word Games To Increase Your Children's Vocabulary


At no point should you underestimate the power of word games or the influence they can have on your children’s development. They may have a simplistic appeal but believe it or not, it’s one of the things your kids need to boost their vocabulary. In addition to this, play is a crucial aspect of the early development of a child. It helps them to learn basic communication skills, develop their motor skills, and improve their problem-solving skills. For kids who have trouble focusing on letters and sounds, introducing them to word games can be a great way to help improve their vocabulary. Word games will also help to improve their reading, writing, and spelling skills. But this alone may not be enough if you want to work for the benefit of your kids. 


In this piece, we’ll be looking at ways on how to use word games to increase your children’s vocabulary.

1. Incorporate Technology

There are so many ways technology can be used to impact your child’s learning skills. Unlike in years past when access to technology and the internet was only limited to those who could afford it, today, young kids are even better than most adults with computers. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use it when playing word games. Actually, you’ll find technology to be more resourceful when it comes to wordplay. There are dozens of word game apps on the internet today, most of which provide a means to make learning fun. The best thing is that your children can always use technology to learn and beat various word games. According to the guys at, an online word unscrambler can be an amazing tool to make word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends less complex and more appealing. Thanks to these tech tools, your kids will even feel comfortable playing word games with you or other adults, making it easier to improve their vocabulary. In addition to this, children find technology fascinating and this will keep them glued to interesting word games.

2. Make It Fun

How To Use Word Games To Increase Your Children's Vocabulary


Playing games with words can be fun. But then again, it’s the strategies used that can make it more fun. At an early age, children tend to lose interest in activities fast. While the goal of word games is to help kids develop an interest in words and a better understanding of the language, incorporating fun ideas will help towards motivating your kids. For instance, you can have a word hunt where everyone is out scavenging for words that will have been carefully hidden in strategic areas in your house and with clues that everyone can understand. Having a variety of fun ideas when playing word games will make your kids want to get involved every time.

3. Mix It Up

There are so many word games your kids can benefit from. There are so many word games to choose from both online and offline. Having a variety of word games will give your kids something they can look forward to every day. Now, apart from improving your children’s vocabulary, having a variety of word games will be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Improve Concentration – Word games fall under the category of brain teasers and require a great deal of the brain's capacity to process information. This helps to stimulate the brain and in so doing improves one's concentration.


  • Relieve Stress – School life can be stressful. Having an activity at the end of the day to help your kids distress can be a great strategy to improve their learning skills. Word games are a great activity to relieve stress and the pressures of daily life.


  • Improve Cognitive Skills – Playing word games will help your kids recognize and identify words and their meaning by just looking at them and the more they play, the more they’ll get better at it. 

4. Get Everyone Involved

How To Use Word Games To Increase Your Children's Vocabulary


It’s very important that when playing word games with your kids, that you do it as a family. Having everyone involved will help your children learn word pronunciations, make sounds, and talk in grammatically correct sentences. This will also help to improve their communication skills when at school. Children learn through what they see and hear. When everyone is involved in playing word games, it will not only help in improving your kids’ vocabulary, but it will go a long way into improving your relationship with your children.

Finally, your kids can use their free time in a productive way of playing word games. They are not only fun and entertaining but are a great learning tool. Today, most if not all schools have incorporated word games as part of the learning curriculum seeing the many benefits they have. You, therefore, have no reason to use them to improve your children’s vocabulary.