How do I keep a long-lasting relationship?

By Dmitriy Ilkevich

Sharing a long-term relationship with your partner means the evolution of your feelings over time. The thrill and rush of excitement in any relationship are not permanent. However, that does not change how you feel for your partner; rather the meaning of your feeling only transforms and matures. It is often misunderstood that the attachment with your partner is sentenced to only a few initial months or years. This, however, is a totally flawed concept. Partners can work some aspects to keep the passion & intimacy alive regardless of the number of years a relationship is based on.

Here are some steps you can take to make your relationship last long.

Make time for dating

Often during fulfilling your work and family commitments, you tend to neglect your partner and slide into an "old married couple" routine. With time, the connection between you and your partner weakens and misunderstandings develop. To let this from happening, make sure you take your partner out on a date if not weekly, then monthly. It does not always have to be fancy. Go for a walk. Meet at the club. Visit a museum. It could be anything that will give you two a chance to reconnect and rejoice your bond.

Pump up your relationship with sexual intimacy

When things get into a routine, they become uninteresting. There will not be as a lot of a hormonal/synapse response, and arousal is reduced. While you do not need to go overboard, some novelty during lovemaking can add to eagerness, which will increase the hormone secretion. The outcome? More sweltering and even more exciting bedtime for both of you.

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Ask questions

Even after living with your partner for long, you may still not be knowing everything about him or her. It is important to get to know each other on multiple levels. Be a good and welcoming listener. Ask questions and learn if there is something troubling them. This way, you will be able to troubleshoot many issues from the root and enjoy better bonding. Similarly, you should be direct and honest to them with your own feelings.

Let go of expectations

Expecting from our partners the way we want to be treated is our idea. It is important to let go of unnecessary expectations in order to avoid disappointments and arguments. At the same time, be thankful for everything that your partner does, as it would be out of sheer love only.

Help your partner grow

While it is important to appreciate your partner for what they are and do, it is equally necessary that you point out their shortcomings. This will help them grow to be better partners and humans. Telling your partner about it may be critical. You must not hurt their feelings but be able to communicate how they can develop themselves in certain areas.