How do You Ride a Bike With Style?



Riding a motorcycle is a fantastic mode of transport that’s a serious upgrade above walking and at times even has benefits over a car. Of course you won’t be able to handle certain terrain as well or ride as comfortably, but the benefits on gas mileage, maneuverability, and ease of finding a parking space is more than enough good things to seriously consider riding a motorbike.


All of the benefits of riding has caused thousands of people worldwide to begin taking up the mode of transport themselves and see the benefits first hand. You might even find yourself being one of these people, adorned with your helmet driving all around town. So now that you’ve taken the time to get good at driving your motorbike and realize that it’s a good fit for you, you want to refine your riding experience just a tad further by making sure you have some aesthetically pleasing gear while you’re out there on the streets. Nobody wants to end up looking like a comedy sketch version of an outlaw biker or the total newbie, so here’s a few tips to keep you in the good books of motorcycle fashion:


Wear The Right Shorts

When it comes to riding with shorts on, black will always be the be all end all. It’s the most flattering color when it comes to a mode of transport that works between the legs. It’s a hard and fast rule that’s difficult to explain, but one you need to accept as how it is. Black or bust, essentially. Also, make sure they aren’t too short. You’ll end up looking silly real quick if your short shorts bunch up while you’re sitting on your bike. There’s nothing wrong with biking in shorts especially if you live in a particularly hot climate, but nobody has to see your inner thighs. Not to mention, it’s a serious liability if you’re the type to try and fix them while riding, it just isn’t the time, man.

Ditch The Ponytail

While stationary or even walking at a brisk pace, there’s nothing wrong with the ponytail and many people wear one well. If your helmet doesn’t cover it and you’re riding around however, it ends up looking like there’s a very angry bird or rodent right behind your head at all times. It’s a look that isn’t very flattering and that I recommend heavily against.

Accessorize Properly

If you’re going to go all out with bike gear, at least make sure to pick accessories that flatter you and the fact that you’ll be wearing them on a bike. Sometimes you’ll get lucky, as the best motorcycle headphones also tend to be the most fashionable. Be cognizant of your helmet design and how all of your accessories will come together to make your overall look. If you go the wrong direction on this one, you’ll end up looking like more of a failed superhero than anything else.

Have The Right Socks

When you’re choosing socks to wear while on your bike, there’s pretty much only two things you need to focus on: length and color. The rest is dependent on the climate of where you’re cycling, but the fashion tips on these shouldn’t be messed with. Socks should be longer than ankle socks but not so long that they reach all the way up to your knees. As far as color is concerned, just don’t go with grey. Grey socks will end up looking like you’ve sweat through white socks and they’ve gotten musty, plus when you actually get sweaty they won’t be doing you any favors.

Don’t Go Sleeveless

I can’t quite explain why this phenomenon happens, but deciding to go sleeveless when you’re on a bike always ends up with you looking disheveled and like you’re biking to the convenience store before you managed to take your shower for the day. It’s an unfortunate reality of cycling that there are some things you need to be the right kind of person to pull off right.

Make Sure All Of Your Gear Is The Right Size

Nothing screams “I bought my bike last week” than a bunch of improperly sized gear. A helmet size that is too big, plus a baggy riding jacket will not only impair your riding ability, it’ll impair your style points too. The right gear should be snug to the body while still serving its intended purpose. Any gear with an adjustable or stretchy waistline is a good way to go since you’re more than likely going to have to wear differing amounts of layers depending on the temperature outside.

Be Prepared For The Effects Of Your Helmet

There’s really no reason to ever ride your motorcycle without a helmet. I don’t care how far the ride is or how great you think your hair is on that particular day, wear the thing. However, you should definitely be aware of what your helmet is going to do to your hair once you take it off. The movie cliche of the well-dressed biker taking off their helmet and then throwing their hair around is far from reality. More than likely, your hair is going to be compressed and pushed down onto your head pretty badly. So it makes sense to keep a comb and other hair care gear on hand if you’re serious about this whole motorcycle thing.

There’s a fair bit too this motorcycling business, isn’t there? It’s unfortunately really easy to look bad on a motorcycle and takes quite a bit of effort to look good. I would recommend against anything that looks like a costume as far as your full outfit goes. Unless you actually are an outlaw biker or a professional racer, don’t try to emulate one with your clothing, you’ll end up looking much worse than the average joe who just wanted to enjoy some time out on his bike. Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to be on the right side of history when it comes to biking fashion.