How the Exterior of Your Property Influences the Price


Everyone knows that first impressions are incredibly important, but when you’re selling your house, it’s easy to lose sight of what it looks like to a neutral eye. There are many different factors in what makes a property desirable to somebody, and the exterior is the first indicator of what’s in store for anybody looking around.

Car parking

If you’re trying to attract families or commuters, then having a parking space outside of your house could increase how desirable it is. Families with small children or those who have to wake at 6am don’t necessarily want to have to walk a block down the road to fetch their car. If the exterior of your property clearly has enough room for one or more vehicles, it could instantly make your property more valuable.

Messy outside – messy inside

If somebody sees the exterior of your property and it’s a complete mess, then the implication is that the inside is a mess, too. Not only will it cost the potential landlord or owners to fix all the damage and untidiness, but they may not even make it as far as the inside – which will be frustrating for everyone involved. To make sure you start attracting potential buyers, simply tidying up in the front and back garden could do wonders.

Modern features

Upgrading aspects of your exterior can be hugely beneficial to the price of your property. In fact, it was found that exterior renovations got the best return when it came to influencing a property’s value. For potential buyers, this is just one less job they have to do – they’ll buy your property knowing they don’t have to factor in the price of replacing old features.

This can sometimes be a bit awkward if you have older, period features that you are reluctant to replace with plastic, however, these are still possible to update without losing their original look and feel. For example, replacing your windows with a more efficient counterpart from a trusted company like Timber Windows, will still update the exterior of your property without ridding it of its authentic aesthetic.

Personal taste

When people come to visit your property, they will be evaluating it according to their own personal tastes. It’s said that paintwork or additions such as wooden paneling that are considered to be out of date or in poor taste could devalue your property. Everyone wants to put their own mark or style on a property, so if your home has too many stylistic features that could be seen as unusual or unflattering, this could greatly affect how desirable it is, and in turn its overall price.  

The exterior of your property affect the overall price because it’s often a measure of how much work needs to be done.  A house that looks ragged from the outside will signify tonnes of work, whereas a well-presented one will look like it deserves to be a little higher up the price scale. While it might eat away at your budget to make some changes, you could well make the money back in returns.