How to Add Room for Your In-laws

How to Add Room for Your In-laws

If you need extra space for your in-laws, parents or other family members, try granny flats. Granny flats are living spaces that are self-contained and fit one or two people. Most people who build granny flats attach it to their home or keep it separate. The name granny flats comes from the fact that they are used to house aging family members. They are tiny houses that usually fit one to two people. Some even build granny flats and use them in the renter’s market. Granny flats are known by many names, including in-law suite. Here’s how you can build one and make sure that you need one if you need to take care of your aging relatives.

Do You Have Space Already?

Before you build a granny flat, consider the space you have in your house. If you have a garage that you don’t use ― perhaps you could turn that into living space. Any unused bedrooms are under consideration as well. Having space available can help reduce the cost and hassle of building a granny flat.       

Does Your Property Have Space to Add to It?       

Granny flats are small, but they still need to be big enough to live in. It should be about the size of a small apartment. Your in-laws need enough space and rooms to sleep, use the bathroom, cook food and relax. For some, this may be an easy task, but for others, the granny flat may consist of another floor, which can be a challenge if your aging in-laws have trouble walking.

Talk to a Professional        

If you’re considering a granny flat, talk to a builder. They can inspect your home and look for any problems, such as:

  • Any hazards that could interfere with the building process

  • Measuring to see if the flat can fit your property

  • Other considerations such as plumbing and electricity   

  • Making sure the granny flat conforms to building codes and other regulations of your city or country

  • Finally, giving you a quote; building something entirely new is costly, even if the space is smaller; you may need to take out a loan           

Should You Do it?

Building space for your in-laws or aging parents isn’t something you can think of overnight. It requires much consideration. Some aging parents don’t want to go to a retirement home and want independence, which a granny flat can provide. However, others may not care so much. Ask a few questions before considering building one, such as:

  • Do I have enough space for a granny flat?    

  • Can I afford it?    

  • Do my relatives have money they can use to help support this household?        

  • What is my relationship with these family members?    

  • Are there better solutions, like a good retirement home or caregivers I can afford?    

These are some tough questions, and you must think about them. Building a granny flat can help your aging parents and add value to your home, but you must make sure that it’s feasible for you and your household.