How to Better Store and Organize Your Wine Collection

When you first start to collect wine, it is relatively easy to find a place to store the bottles in your home. As your collection grows, things change and you can suddenly find yourself with a rather disorganized mess on your hands. If your wine collection is starting to take over your home and you are finding it difficult to locate the bottle you want, then it’s definitely time to look at better storage and organization solutions. The great news is that not only will these solutions help you get organized, but many act as décor in the home.

Invest in Wine Racks

Whether your collection is still rather modest or it’s quite large, wine racks can help provide you with the organization you are after. Not only that but depending on the wine rack you pick, it can also act as a space saver. If you want to browse a range of options so you can select one that suits your home the most, the store WineandBarrels has everything from small countertop racks that hold a dozen bottles or so, to full shelving systems that can span an entire wall if you choose. You can view their collection (along with a useful buying guide) by visiting the following link:

When you are shopping for the “best” wine rack, be sure to consider the space you have available, how big your collection is right now, and how big you plan on letting it get.

Use Wine Bottle Tags

Another thing that can be helpful is to get into the practice of using wine bottle tags. These are tags that you can hang on the neck of the bottle and they can display useful information such as the vintage, brand, and/or region. The idea is that you can quickly glance at the tags rather than having to take the bottle out of its storage slot.

If you want to get really in-depth with the tags, you can also use a color coding system and use tags that allow for dry-erase markers to be used.

Keep an Inventory List

This is another way you can stay organized and aware of all the wine you have. Keep an inventory list that you can quickly refer to when searching for a bottle of wine. There are free apps that you can download that make the list accessible when you are out. This comes in handy when you are shopping for wine and you aren’t sure what you already have on-hand at home.

Place the Most-Used Bottles Up Front

Whether you are using wine racks, shelves, or some other type of storage system, it's also a good idea to create an "everyday wine" section. This section should be the most accessible since these will be the bottles you reach for the most often. As you use up wine in this section, then you’ll also be aware of what you need to replace.

An Organized and Accessible Collection of Wine

These tips will help you to not only organize your wine in a simpler manner, but it will also help you with storage solutions so that everything is visible and within reach when you want it.