How to Buy Diamonds: The Only Guide You Will Need

Are you trying to learn how to buy diamonds? If yes, you should click here and check out this guide with everything to know.


Buying diamonds are a huge investment and a shopping process that requires thought and knowledge. Knowing how to buy diamonds isn't always that obvious. Keep reading for the only diamond buying guide you'll ever need. 

How To Buy Diamonds: Decide On Your Carat Weight 

The most important question you will ask yourself when diamond shopping is the weight of the carat you want to buy. This will have a huge effect on the price of your diamond. If you're going with a lab diamond, you'll want to take lab created diamond value into account too. 

The weight of your carat is also important because this is what determines the size of the diamond that you will by. So if this is for an engagement ring, you'll want to make sure that size is within your future fiance's expectations. 

Pick A Diamond Shape

This is the next most important factor to decide on is the shape you want. The answer to this question is solely based on aesthetics. 

Choose The Cut Quality 

After you pick the carat size and shape, you'll want to consider the cut quality. This decision will also affect the price of the diamond. Picking a cut quality is challenging because cut grades vary from vendor to vendor. 

Decide On The Ideal Color Grade 

More important than the diamond's clarity is the color of the diamond. This factor will have a large effect on both the diamond's price and appearance. 

You'll want to keep in mind that different shapes reflect the color of various strengths. So you'll want to pick the right color and balance that with the diamond's price and appearance. This will also depend on the diamond shape you've picked out. 

Pick The Clarity Grade 

The clarity of a diamond is different than carats in the sense that diamond clarity isn't a sliding scale, but a binary grade. This means that when you evaluate the clarity of a diamond, you'll want to make sure it looks clean to the naked eye.

Factor Fluorescence, Polish & Symmetry 

Fluorescence, symmetry, and polish all affect the value of your stone. Often these factors are considered less than the other factors mentioned earlier. 

Make Sure You Have The Right Certificate 

You'll want to make sure you have only an AGS Certified Diamonds and GIA Certified Diamonds when you shop for a loose diamond. You'll want to avoid any EGL, IGI and HRD Certified diamonds as it's been found these diamonds cannot be relied on because they are inconsistently graded. 

Never buy a diamond without the proper certificate, or you could find that you just spent a ton of money on a low quality or worse fake diamond. 

Buy Your Diamond Today

Now that you know how to buy diamonds, now it's time to go shopping. Remember to keep in mind that carat weight, diamond shape, cut quality, color, and clarity grade as well knowing about the polish, fluorescence, and symmetry, and you should have that perfect diamond in no time. For more lifestyle resources, check out our blog.