How to Deep-Clean Your Bathroom in 5 Easy Steps

Bathrooms are one of the busiest spots in any house. And they are, obviously, one of the spots that accommodate prowling germs and bacteria. Accordingly, they need to be scrubbed frequently to maintain hygiene and to avoid spreading illnesses. While it can seem overwhelming in the beginning, cleaning a bathroom isn’t as challenging as it sounds. 


In fact, we’ve divided the task into five simple steps that can help you have a deep-cleaned bathroom.

  1. Start with the Toilet

The toilet is the nastiest part of a bathroom and, thus, needs prime importance during cleaning. You can use relevant acid solutions to remove all stains and kill the bacteria that are not too corrosive for the toilet material. Leave the solution for a few hours and then rinse. If you’re using acid, you need to be extremely careful as it can cause severe burns. An alternate option is to use baking soda or bleach. Apply it on the side surfaces of the toilet and let it rest for a few minutes. When it’s time, use a toilet brush to scrape off all the stains and discoloration on the surface. You can also put some bleach solution on the brush bristles and scrape the surface. Don’t be too harsh to avoid damaging the toilet material. After you’re done, wipe off with water and flush until it is thoroughly cleaned.

  1. Wash all Linens

Linens in your bathroom, like curtains, towels, mats and extra napkins, need to be washed properly. It’s necessary to clean them every once in a while so that they retain their shine and brightness. Also, clean towels are necessary to stay hygienic because a lot of dirt and debris can get trapped within the fabrics. Make it a habit to clean all towels and napkins at least once or twice a week, especially the hand towels as they are shared by many.

  1. Clean the Shower and Faucets

Your showerhead and faucet can witness excessive mineral buildup that can leave a visible white mark on their surfaces. Another cause can be unclean watermarks. One effective product you can use is white vinegar. You can wrap a plastic bag around the showerhead and pour white vinegar in it, and leave overnight. If you’re thinking about how to clean your electric shower, soaking the head in vinegar and cleaning the filter screen by removing built-up deposits can do the job. You can use either vinegar or lemon to clean the faucets. But since they are generally made of metal, cleaning them together is wiser. A damp dryer sheet can be used to keep the faucets in pristine condition.


  1. Get to the Tub and Sink

Often made of porcelain, the tub and sink can be cleaned together using relevant detergent. Rubbing alcohol is known to have been an effective chemical in cleaning bathtubs. Again, baking soda or white vinegar comes to your rescue in cleaning the sink and tub. After you’ve finished cleaning, make sure to wipe all the surfaces using a disinfectant and a sanitizer as it houses the highest number of bacteria that multiplies rapidly. 

  1. Clean the Major Surfaces

As soon as you’re done with all the internal and minor cleaning, it is time to clean all major surfaces such as the floor, walls, and ceilings. It needs to be done as a final step so that any residue or debris left can be wiped away from the floor or walls. Use a disinfecting detergent and a mop to clean the floor and wall tiles, followed by dry mopping the surfaces. Another way is to open the hot water from the shower and leave the disinfectant sprayed on the floor and wall surfaces. Close the bathroom door for a while and let the mixture blend well. After leaving it for a while, wipe away the surfaces with a microfiber cloth or dry mop it to remove stickiness and the leftover detergent. You can also use bleach instead of a disinfectant to remove all accumulated bacteria from the grout. Grout lines should be cleaned and resealed every few months to avoid moisture from entering.


Apart from these, keeping the drains clean is another crucial task to achieve a clean bathroom. You can use baking soda and let it soak for a few minutes, or hot water with vinegar or soap to remove excessive debris built-up. Don’t forget the mirrors and glass panels along with the door. You can imagine how easy it is to keep the bathroom clean if you follow the process in steps. It’ll hardly take half a day of your weekend to make your restroom squeaky clean again.