How to Determine the Best Countertop Material for Your Bathroom


How to Determine the Best Countertop Material for Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom looking tired, outdated and ready for a refresh? When it comes to updating your guest or master bath, there are a lot of things to plan for including budget, style and cost. What a lot of homeowners forget to consider is just how their bathroom countertops will be used as well. Your lifestyle and grooming habits should definitely come into play when deciding on new countertop materials, as picking the wrong type could leave you with a ruined or unsightly surface. Follow along and we’ll share a few easy tips on how to determine the best kind of bathroom countertop material to meet your needs. 


Family Bathroom


Talk to any parent, and they are sure to have a bathroom horror story or two to tell you. Art projects, “experiments” and various levels of ick tend to land on bathroom countertops when you have kids in the house. For that reason, it’s essential to have a durable bathroom countertop that can stand up to rough and tumble toddlers and teens, as well as a surface that is easy to sanitize and clean. 


Marble, though beautiful, should definitely be ruled out for bathroom countertop surfaces in family bathrooms. Even when sealed, they tend to be easier to chip, scratch and stain, especially when they are used by messy bathroom occupants. In fact, any countertop surface with a porous material, like slate or other natural stone, should probably be ruled out for these high-traffic, high-use areas. Germs and bacteria can settle into scratches in the surface of porous materials, leaving you with a bathroom countertop that’s never 100% clean. 


If you’re looking for a durable, easy to clean and sanitize countertop option, quartz is a great choice for families. Quartz is a manufactured material, made of about 90% natural stone and 10% resins to create a unique surface. It’s an easy-care surface that can be cleaned with soap, water, and a soft rag and doesn’t require regular maintenance. Also, because it is a manufactured material, it’s available in a variety of colors and finishes, which can be used as a fun accent for a child’s bathroom. If you’re considering refinishing a bathroom for a teenage girl, for example, there are varieties of quartz slabs with crushed glass to create a cool glittery effect.  


One last thing to consider in bathrooms used by small children, is to choose a countertop with rounded edges. Little foreheads find sharp corners easily, and a softer edge will help to minimize bangs and cuts. Natural stone slabs with sharp corners also easily chip, so no matter what type of countertop surface you choose, be sure to make rounded edges part of the plan. 


Beauty Maven Bathroom


Self-tanner, hair dyes, nail polishes … nothing is out of the question when it comes to creating your most beautiful you! Beauty mavens often use their bathroom sinks as ground zero for drippy hair dyes, messy self-tanners and a variety of other permanent and semi-permanent beauty potions. As a result, non-porous (read: stain-resistant) bathroom countertop surfaces, like those at Marble, will be the best choice for any seasoned or budding home beautician. Quartz is an excellent option for beauty maven bathroom countertops as they are non-porous, and easily resist staining left by drips and drops. Unlike natural stone, quartz is tough to scratch and chip, so you won’t have to worry about your exploded eyeshadow palette settling into unseen cracks. 


Still want the look of marble to finish off your glam girl bathroom, but don’t want to worry about ruining its fancy finish? No worries, quartz can still do that. There are many varieties of quartz slabs designed to mimic your favorite marble patterns so you can get the high-end look you crave while still enjoying its durable, non-porous features. 


However, hairstylists take heed; quartz isn’t able to withstand the direct heat of curling irons, flat irons and wands as well as most natural stone. The resins in quartz can become ruined by high heat, so take extra precaution and always use a heating tool mat underneath when in use. Natural stone surfaces are more resistant to heat, so if you find that heating tools are more important to your daily regimen than messy makeup applications, then perhaps a natural stone bathroom countertop is the right choice for you. 


Master Bathrooms


Sharing a countertop space with your spouse or significant other? Careful adults looking for an upscale bathroom finish can consider natural stone surfaces. With the proper sealing and care, high-end materials like marble and slate can create a spa-like, luxury feel that you and your significant other deserve. 


Granite is an excellent choice for adult couple’s bathrooms, as they offer the high-end look you crave, but can also withstand heat and resist staining. They require sealing every six months and are still susceptible to chipping, but overall, granite makes a beautiful choice, and offers the perfect level of durability and ease for adult use. 


If you’re intending to sell your home in the near future, installing marble or granite countertops is also a safe option for your master bathroom. By using these highly sought after, high-end materials you’ll be sure to see a return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home. Be sure to pick a stone slab in a safe color and pattern (like white or gray with subtle veining) for the most universally pleasing option. You could also use an inexpensive option to quickly update and resell a home, for example, and laminate may be just the material you need. It will look nice and work well in the short term, and help you to create a refreshed bathroom look on a budget. Tile is also a classic choice for bathroom countertops, though homeowners are shifting away from this material due to the grout easily staining. No matter what your lifestyle, natural stone and manufactured stone are the best bets for upgrading your bathroom countertop for a high-performing, beautiful look you’ll be sure to enjoy.