How to Do a Flower Arrangement At Home

A gorgeous flower arrangement for a special event, to say thank you or simply to let someone know you care is a wonderful idea and one which will certainly be welcomed with a smile. The drawback of this, however, is that sometimes a florist will charge quite a price for an arrangement, which is why you may consider putting your own together at home. Buying individual flowers and then arranging them yourself is significantly cheaper than buying from a florist, and there is also that personal touch that you can add to it which the recipient is bound to love. If you fancy giving it a go, here are some tips on arranging your own beautiful floral display. 


What You’ll Need


First of all, you need to think about a color theme for your flowers, pick two or three main flower types which will be the core of your display, roses, and lilies, for example, are great centerpieces that work well together. You are also going to need some filler to bulk out the display, green shoots, grasses or those nice white ‘Baby’s Breath’ flowers work really well for this. Once you have your flowers together you’ll need a vase, some shears, something to strip the thorns, water, and some preserver. 


Preparing the Flowers


Lay the flowers which you have chosen on a table and size them up with the vase, once you have done this cut them to size and shear off any thorns or shoots coming from the stem, as well as the leaves which are on the flower stems as these can easily clutter the vase. Don’t forget to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle as this will allow for better water absorption, keeping the flowers alive.


Building The Display 


Once the flowers are prepared you should fill the vase with water and this is the point where you should add a preservation solution, if you don’t have any then you also add two to three drops of bleach, which will ensure that any bacteria is killed off, keeping the flowers fresher for longer. Once the water is ready then you can start inserting the flowers into the vase and playing about with how to arrange the colors of the flowers. Try to avoid placing the same flowers together, a beautiful arrangement is one with a range of colors that blend well together, not sections of colors. Work in a circle around the edge of the vase to get started, and then build the flowers from there, always starting with the largest first. 


As you finish each circle of flowers, add a small amount of the filler which you have and then get started on the next circle. Continue this layering pattern until you have used all of the flowers. Finally, add the rest of the filler but aim not to pack the vase too tight, the flowers shouldn’t be able to move freely, but nor should they be jammed into the vase as this can damage stems and mean the flowers die quicker. 


Finally, add a small note to the arrangements with a nice message to the recipient and hey presto, you have a beautiful arrangement of flowers to be proud of.