How to Effectively Lower Your Average Heating Bill

How to Effectively Lower Your Average Heating Bill

Who doesn't want to save money? There are many ways to lower your average heating bill, including insulating your windows and cleaning your vents.


Winter is here, and that means it's cold outside. When the temperature drops, staying warm quickly becomes the top priority. The problem is, keeping your house warm inside can get expensive.


The key to keeping your home feeling toasty without going broke is to find easy and efficient ways to reduce your average heating bill.


This article takes a look at some tips for lowering heating costs that you can start taking advantage of today. Keep reading to discover insight that can help you keep energy costs lower so that more of your money stays in your pocket.


Keep Your Window Blinds Open

The sun provides free heat all year round. After all, it's up in the sky shining warm rays all day every day, totally free of charge. That's why you should get in the habit of keeping your blinds open during the day.


This will help warm your house while also brightening every room, which can lift your mood when it's cold outside.


Seal Drafty Doors and Windows

Take the time to inspect your doors and windows for leaks. This is a simple matter of running your hand around the edges to test for cold air coming through. Keep the cold out by applying weather stripping to the spots where you notice a draft.


Investing a few dollars in sealing your windows and doors will keep your house warmer and help reduce your monthly energy bill.


Keep Lights Off In Empty Rooms

Many people get in the bad habit of leaving lights on in empty rooms. This is a waste of money and energy. Get in the habit of turning off lights when you leave a room even if you plan to return in a moment. 

Switch to Propane

Have you ever considered switching from electric or gas to propane for heating your home? Propane is a less expensive energy source that will save you money month after month while keeping your month toasty warm.


Here is a resource where you can learn more about propane heating.


Check Your Thermostat

If you notice that your home isn't staying warm, take a moment to check your thermostat. When the batteries go bad or the thermostat no longer works, your heating/cooling system won't be able to maintain the proper temperature.


You can purchase a new thermostat at any home improvement store and install it yourself in only a few minutes.


Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Here's a tip that might surprise you: did you know that your ceiling fan will run two different directions?


During the summer, you want your fan to push cool air toward the floor in order to keep your rooms as cool as possible. Then in the winter, simply reverse the direction of the blades so that they pull cool air toward the ceiling to keep rooms warmer.


Put On a Sweater

This final tip for reducing energy bills is the most simple of all. Just put on a sweater. After all, the warmer you dress, the less energy you need to use to keep your home warm.

Great Tips for Reducing Your Average Heating Bill


Staying toasty during the winter is important. Fortunately, these tips for reducing your average heating bill will make it more affordable to be comfortable every month of the year.