How to Enhance Your Garden’s Landscape Design

The grass sometimes looks greener on the other side, but this can quite literally be true when your neighbor is smashing their gardening game and your backyard looks a little unloved at the best of times. You don’t necessarily have to be gifted with green fingers to create an enviable garden space that all your friends and family will want to enjoy. Here are some ideas on how to improve the space you already have.


Create a seating area for alfresco dining

We seem to be spending more time indoors than ever nowadays which is not good for our physical or mental wellbeing, but this could have something to do with the state of the outside space we have created for ourselves. 


An easy way to add additional outdoor hours to your day and extend your time in the glorious sunshine is to create a functional seating area for al fresco meals, home working and reading. Level off the ground behind your back door and purchase some slabs or decking to be laid down, this will create a drier area for you to place a table and chairs that are weather-resistant throughout the year. This area will become a social hub during the summertime where you can enjoy hosting barbecues and garden parties.


Add a natural swimming pool

Love to swim but want to keep your garden as rustic and wildlife-friendly as possible? Add a natural swimming pool to your design. Removing chemicals and any filtering devices, natural pools use biological processes to keep swimming water clean and hygienic to use.


Creating a serene water feature such as this will provide a space for you to relax and partake in a little low impact exercise, right from the comfort and privacy of your own garden. Wildlife will still be given the opportunity to thrive and maintenance costs will be kept to the bare minimum. 


Sow a wildflower meadow

Encourage wildlife and pollination to thrive by creating a flower meadow bursting with full blooms. This is a low maintenance way to add a variety of florals to your home, without being bound to the garden tool shed all weekend. 


Choose an area at the back of your garden and sow some seeds, allow grass to grow longer in this area to create texture and cover for insects and wild animals. Not only will this feature be bursting with color during the spring and summer months, but it will also be helping the environment thrive at the same time. 


Grow your own produce 

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own produce but have no idea where to start, a great thing to do is to purchase a greenhouse for your garden. Growing fruit and vegetables will be easier in this warmer, more enclosed environment, protecting plants from the unpredictable elements and inquisitive animals looking for their next meal. A greenhouse can become a focal point in your garden design and is a wonderful place to show off to friends when your produce is nearly ripe and ready to be eaten.