How to Find a Trusted Rug Cleaning Company



Buying a new carpet, whether it is colorful or monochromatic, can tremendously improve the look of your room. Carpets come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, some are fluffy, some are eco-friendly, and some are sleek and padded. Over time, though, with enough traffic on the carpet and changes in the weather, your favorite carpet could get dirty. Since they come in different styles, it becomes hard to know which cleaning detergents are acceptable to use and which are not. Therefore, you need to find a trusted rug cleaning company that will take care of your beloved carpet. Since not any company can be trusted, below are a few things to check for before hiring your first rug cleaning team. 

1. Look for a company that is certified

One of the most important steps in finding a trusted rug cleaning company is to check whether they are certified or not. If you live in London, then make sure that you find rug cleaning London services or a London-based company that has surpassed a certain degree of qualifications and standards; they should be completely relied on when cleaning any type of rug or carpet you own. This certification gives the customers a personal guarantee that the cleaners are professional and know what they are doing. Some organizations to look for in a rug cleaning company’s certification are the IIRC, NCCA, and TACCA.

2. Look for a company that provides insurance


When searching for a company, you must make sure that they have insurance. There is nothing worse than when you hire a company to clean your household items only to have them ruin your belongings. Make sure the company’s website, if applicable, has a section about the type of insurance they provide. Otherwise, they may destroy something and completely get away with it. Some companies take professionalism to another level and even go as far as having risk treatment, which is the process of taking measures to reduce the risk of destroying any of your carpets. 

3. Research the type of equipment they use 

Although this may be quite difficult to do as equipment can be highly specific, it is important to at least have some sort of background as to what equipment they are using. This is especially important if you have different types of carpets, in which case they sometimes need different types of machines for them. 

4. Search for reviews 


Of course, the best way to find a trusted rug cleaning company is by reading different reviews. Past experiences and testimonials will give you the most honest and brutal answer to whether or not the company knows what it is doing. Double-check that the reviews are not sponsored though, as some of them may be uploaded by someone who works for that company. 

Before you do any of the steps above, make sure you understand the material of your carpets and rugs so that when you look up the suitable type of equipment or the risk factors to avoid, you will be in the know. They may have insurance and risk treatment, yet if your carpet needs a specific treatment due to its material, it may not be covered in the insurance.