How to Find the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon Near You

How to Find the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon

What You Need to Know Before Facial Plastic Surgery


When deciding on a procedure so life-changing and sensitive, you need to have plenty of confidence that comes with all your questions being answered and all your doubts being removed. Based on the questions you’ve collected, first in your head, then vocalize them out loud to your potential doctor, your decision will be either a path of getting encouragement and confidence you were seeking, searching for a different surgeon, or changing your mind altogether. So, ask away, and make sure that you want to hear all the risks and take them seriously. Here is the list of everything you need to know when searching for a facial plastic surgeon:

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Choose Experience over the Latest Equipment

American Academy of Otolaryngology recommends choosing a board-certified otolaryngologist with specific interest in facial plastic surgery. Choosing the right surgeon should be about their skills, expertise, and experience necessary to offer and perform the right method for each individual, and not about the latest technology a doctor’s office is using. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery equally accentuates the importance of finding a board-certified surgeon. Compromise with nothing less!


Do Your Homework and Compare

Find the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon near you

Doing your research on this matter has to include comparisons, these will be the details on which you’ll make your final decision. Looking at before and after photos seems long and boring, but it will put the surgeon’s aesthetic sense and experience in a better perspective for you. Try to find patients on whom the surgery was successfully done and who's face shape and structure are similar to yours, patients with similar concerns or who desire the same procedure as you, and equally important, ones who are close to your age. The closer you get, the better idea you’ll have that you’re a good candidate for the procedure you desire.


How Does the Surgeon and the Support Team Make You Feel?

You want to be comfortable and have confidence in a surgeon’s team from the first phone call to after-recovery check-up. When it comes to having anything done to your face, reasonably, we seek a trusted professional who will know how to keep us calm and whose team will help us feel at ease. The fear of anything going wrong should be removed at the very beginning and the entire team at the doctor’s office should work on accomplishing that. It’s important that you know everything about the surgery and everyone involved in the procedure.


Knowing What to Expect in Every Phase of Your Surgery

Find the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon Near you

You want to go over the checklist of all the risks, all the surgery preparation steps, all the financial details, and all the costs you can expect with your correction procedure. The more you understand what’s going to occur in every phase, the more you’ll be calm and willing to follow the instructions given to assure you’re doing your part pre- and post-surgery.


Asking Around Can Bring You to the Right Person

Word-of-mouth is sometimes the best option, especially when you trust the person who is suggesting a referral. Consulting with a trustworthy circle of friends and family can bring you closer to a professional you may not have found on your own. Still, even with the referral, doing your research is recommended. It’s your own story and your face, and if something about the referred surgeon is bothering you, for example, if he or she are have not performed many surgeries in your desired area of need, be candid about it and lay out all the concerns you have. Making sure they have enough experience in your procedure is mandatory, and most of the aesthetic surgeons know this.