How to Find the Best Faucet Water Filter for Your House

Water is an essential part of our daily lives. We use it to wash with, drink it, and for various other purposes. The water that comes into your home will vary in quality depending upon where you live. In general, any water that is piped into a domestic property will be fit to drink, but in some areas it may benefit from filtering.

You can fit a water filter that will deal with the entire water system, but this is an expensive option. Let’s say you just want to filter the water from a single faucet – perhaps that in your sink. Can this be done? Yes, it can, and you will find many different makes and models of faucet water filters, and information about them, at the Water Filter Base where you can read reviews of each one.

Below, we will explain what faucet water filters are all about, how they can benefit you, and why you should consider one for your home. Let’s get going!

What is a Faucet Water Filter?

A faucet water filter is actually quite a simple appliance. It is a small filter, usually coming complete and ready to fit, that will include a cartridge with one of several combinations of materials inside. We will explain a little more about what each element does in a moment.

The filter is fitted to your faucet and the water is run through the filters before you use it. What can a water filter do? The main benefits are as follows:

  • Remove chemicals from the water; this is done by way of carbon filters which will help you have cleaner, purer water from your faucet

  • Remove sediment; sand, dirt and debris can easily get into the water source, and your faucet filter will include a screen filter with minute holes to catch any such debris.

  • Activated Carbon; this part of the filter will help remove any bacteria in the water.

That’s the three main purposes of installing a faucet water filter, but which one is for you? Let’s talk about what you need to look for.

What to Consider

Be aware that all faucet water filters will have the right filter to remove chlorine, and will be designed to eliminate heavy metals, nitrates and other elements that frequently – and usually harmlessly – contaminate our water supplies. You should also consider the following:

  • Ease of Fitting – you will find some filters are easier to fit than others, so read the reviews and manufacturer advice before you choose the one for you.

  • Swivelling – you want to be able to move your filter out of the way when, say, washing up. Some filters are quite bulky, so be aware of the size of the item when you are considering purchasing it.

  • Filter Life – with every water filter there is a necessity to change the filter once it has passed its lifespan. This can vary, so check how long a filter lasts on average for the models you are considering, and choose one with a long lifespan. Also, look for one that has a sensor that tells you when the filter needs changing, as this makes life a lot easier!

These are a few of the factors you want to be looking at when choosing a water filter – you may also want to consider the finish, as you want one that matches the rest of your fittings – so we recommend you read the reviews at Water Filter Base, and you’ll soon have pure, clean water every time you use your faucet.