How to Have the Most Organized Home: A Guide With the Best Tips

There are certain things you should do if you want to have the most organized home. You can check out our guide here to learn more. Organizing your home can take it's appearance and cleanliness to a whole other level, and it can make your life much more stress-free. When organizing your home, it can be hard to know where to begin. For all the best tips on making and keeping your home an organized place, keep reading for tips that can get you the most organized home. 

Figure out Where the Mess Is First 

The first step in organizing your home is going around and taking a mental note of where the messiest, most clutter filled areas are. These are the places you're going to want to tackle first. These areas usually place your family has an impossible time keeping clean. 

Areas you want to note are countertops or entryway tables that have piles of mail, or piles of shoes at the doorway. You'll also want to check out your storage spots, from closets to medicine cabinets, junk drawers, and garages. 

Figure out Why This Area Is so Messy 

Now that you know which spots need taking care of, you can start analyzing why these are problem areas.

For example, when observing your entryway table, think about why magazines and mail are piled up there. Do you need to make sure you're sorting your mail more regularly? Or maybe you're hanging onto junk mail you don't need?

Once you find the problem area and figure out why this place can never stay organized, you can start forming habits to make a change. 

Figure out a Solution 

Some problem areas are easier to fix than others. For example, if shoes are piling up in your entry area, you can get a shoe organizer to help fix this problem. Other clutter spots are tougher to find solutions for, especially in a household with multiple people.

Consider conducting a meeting with your roommates or family to figure out what kind of solutions would work best for them. By letting everyone have a voice in the conversation of organizing your home, you can find solutions that everyone is more interested in committing to. Effective organizing is typically a combination of organizational tools or equipment combined with behavioral or habit changes.

You'll want to make sure you've gone through the first two steps to make sure you are purchasing organizational tools that will actually be effective and useful. Make sure the organizational tools you purchase are realistic for the members of your household to keep up with. Make sure these tools are doable with your lifestyle and your space.

Once you've figured out your organizing solutions, you'll want to make sure that you implement and maintain them. Be patient with this process, which can be frustrating at first but will become second nature to everyone with time and practice. 

Organization Tips & Tricks

Now that you know the basics to reorganize your home, here are some helpful organization hacks to get your brainstorming going. 

Go Through Your Home and Dump Unneeded Items 

Getting rid of things you no longer need can seriously cut down on clutter. There's a reason the minimalist lifestyle is so popular, it helps you cut down on messes, and lets your home feel more open and clean. Throwing out or giving away unnecessary items such as clothes you no longer wear, is a great way to clear out cluttered spaces like your closet. 

Another way to figure out what items you don't need is to throw out items you have duplicates of. A place that could often use this kind of cleanup is the kitchen.

If you have duplicates of a cooking utensil, mixing bowl or baking pan, give the other one away. This gives you way more cupboard space, while still assuring you have all the tools you need. 

Another great tip is every time you get something new, throw out or give away something in your home that is like it and that you don't need anymore. This helps cut down on storage clutter that happens when we hang onto things "just in case". 

Use Household Items to Organize and Save Money

Organizers can be expensive and bulky. If you're trying to save money and space, there are quick and easy organizing solutions using items that might already be around your home.  

A place that can get pretty cluttered is the bathroom. For women, this may be a place where you may dump beauty supplies in drawers, making them difficult to find. When your getting ready and are in a rush, this can get really frustrating. 

Small items such as earrings, bobby pins, and rings are especially easy to lose. Try using old pill bottles to use as storage for these small pieces.

This is a free option that takes up minimal space in your drawers. You can even label these bottles for extra ease. You can also stack bracelets on bottles, which makes for a cute display and an easy find.  

Do you have a basket of random cords and wires that get tangled up in a storage closet? Use empty toilet paper rolls to wrap up each cord individually. 

Steps to the Most Organized Home 

While reorganizing your home can be difficult and time-consuming, it will seriously pay off. The most organized home looks cleaner, more open, and causes less stress. Make your home your happy place with these steps, tips, and tricks. 

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