How to Hire Movers When You Have Expensive Furniture

How to Hire Movers When You Have Expensive Furniture

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences, which is why utilizing moving companies make excellent sense. Never mind that your entire household needs to relocate with the family, there is significant pressure to ensure everything arrives as it left. One of the most likely questions that Los Angeles County residents ask the experts is how to hire movers when you have expensive furniture. Here are a few things to keep in mind while researching for moving company experts.

Ask Companies About Specialized Packing Procedures

Expensive furniture must always be handled with delicate care during any move to ensure it is not damaged. A scratch, dent, crack, gouge or rip can reduce the value of a high-end piece of furniture significantly, which is why it is essential to ask about specialized packing procedures. Hiring expert movers ensure your furniture gets the right processing based on structural components, materials and textiles. There are also different packing procedures for protecting furniture regardless of whether it is a purple heart wood dining table or a stainless-steel, limited edition banqueted chair.

Do Movers Follow Strict Protocol?

Sometimes, homeowners get so wrapped up in the move itself that they forget to follow strict moving guidelines since the focus is on the lifestyle change rather than the furniture value. As someone who has a financial interest in your possessions, always take the time to ask a moving company about policies and procedures before hiring anyone.

Ask About Packing and Unpacking Methods

Another vital issue to consider is who will do the packing and unpacking, which is something that you need to question before hiring a moving company. Why is this vital? It leaves open the question of who damaged the furniture during the process if you are responsible for adding packing materials that protect it inadequately. It will not only leave you with the damaged property, but it also forces you to deal with the aftermath of the dispute.

How Do Movers Avoid Common Transport Errors?

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to moving. Each one requires significant attention to detail and planning.  From the weight of an item to the type of packing supply used, professional movers have gained industry knowledge and experience that allows them to avoid the most common errors. Before hiring a company, take the time to question a mover about their experiences with protecting valuable possessions during the transport.

Do Movers Have Insurance to Protect Financial Interests?

Because of the high value of your furniture, you must always ask about a company’s insurance because of the risk of financial loss. The good news is that in the moving industry, many companies are credible. According to the American Moving & Storage Association, eight out of ten people moving have damage-free experiences. AMSA also found that most claims are quickly resolved without the need for legal adjudication.

When you take the time to research before you hire a moving company to pack, transport and unpack expensive furniture, it ensures that you locate a safe, reliable, trustworthy company.