How to Keep Your Backyard on Trend This Summer

San Diego Landscape Trends

San Diego Landscape Trends

Summer has well and truly set in – time for cookouts, outdoor cocktails and long afternoons by the pool. Outdoor tables of glass and iron are out, and backyards are starting to emulate the hottest interior decor styles. Create the perfect outdoor space to host friends and family this season with the hottest home decor trends. 

Indoor-Outdoor Furniture

The number-one trend in outdoor living this year is a true indoor-outdoor flow – a seamless transition from one to the other. Use throw rugs, cushions and end tables to extend your indoor living space outside. Find modern outdoor furniture that’s made to stand up to the elements with metals that won’t rust and with waterproof fabrics, but are elegant and stylish enough to belong indoors.

Coastal Colors

Monochrome is out, and on-trend buyers are now looking at pale colors reminiscent of the sky and sea – think soft blue, teal and ivory. These are great colors for crockery too, and a set of powder-blue plates will look elegant on any wood stain. Find light-colored cushions and seat pads for your existing furniture, and outdoor vases and planter boxes to keep your patio on theme.  

Bright Wicker Chairs

Wicker furniture certainly isn’t new – it’s been around for hundreds of years – but designers have updated this outdoor staple for 2017 by creating wicker chairs in bold shades of blue, green and fuchsia. Plenty of retailers are jumping on board with this trend, but if you’re feeling handy with a can of spray-paint, you can convert some old wicker chairs in your own backyard – just make sure to give it plenty of time to dry first! 

Outdoor Bars

A poolside bar is essential for outdoor entertainment. Ditch the crowded city clubs, long lines and outrageous drink prices and bring the party to your place this summer. A compact outdoor bar made of sturdy wood paired with some stools and leaners makes an outdoor space fresh and casual, and if you’re the kind of person who prefers cocktails, nibbles, and great tunes over a long sit-down dinner, then consider a small bar set-up in place of a traditional outdoor table and chairs. 

Active Play Spaces

More and more households are replacing their lawns with spaces which encourage children to play, and with kids spending way too much time indoors, that can only be a good thing. Outdoor courts, where families can play sports in the daytime and entertain guests at night are picking up steam, particularly in large suburban homes. If you’ve got a tiled outdoor area, consider extending it when it’s time to repave.

Lawn Games

A staple of outdoor summer weddings, lawn versions of classic games are creeping into households this year. Hunt down a giant outdoor version of your favorite game such as dominoes, chess or Jenga; or if you’re handy at DIY, you can improvise most games yourself with some wood and a lick of paint for some special handmade charm. 

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