How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel Bed

How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel Bed

Hotels are masters in the art of making beds comfortable. There can’t be a person alive who, for all their adventurousness and submission to the bite of the travel bug, doesn’t look forward secretly to getting back to the hotel and slipping between the sheets. Hotel beds are that incredibly comfortable!


How fantastic wouldn’t it be if you could recreate the comfort of a hotel bed at home? Well, you can. Read on and discover some of the secrets to making your bed just like a hotel bed, starting with this first tip:


Upgrade your mattress

It’s a rare hotel bed that doesn’t spoil guests with a thick, comfortable mattress. That’s because they know it’s fundamental for a good sleep. A lot of hotels use innerspring mattresses and couple them with a box spring to achieve their marvellously plush feel. No achy-breaky backs for their guests when they wake up in the morning!


Use white bedding

White is luxurious, full stop. It’s crisp, calm and modern. It’s clean and fresh-looking. Basically, there aren’t enough adjectives in the world to describe how good white is! If you really want to give your bed that high-end hotel feel, choose predominantly white bedding, but make sure the headboard and the rest of the room aren’t too cold or too stark in contrast. Get the warmth of the contrasting colours right and you have a cosy luxury hotel bed of your own.


Check your thread count

A lot of hotels use Egyptian cotton sheets to give you that luxurious feel and provide you with that gorgeous sleep you desire when you’re travelling. It’s breathable and helps you stay cool. Often the sheets will have a thread count of around 300, which is the sweet spot. Aim for that.


How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel Bed


Use ‘hospital folds’ and no fitted sheets

Now this is a little trick we see in places such as hospitals and hotels. Instead of fitted sheets, they use two flat sheets. Usually, they take an oversized flat sheet and tuck it tightly around the mattress. They then tuck in the top sheet at the sides and the bottom of the bed, using a ‘hospital fold’ (more pleasant than the name suggests).


To create your hospital corners, drape the top sheet across the mattress and tuck it into the bottom of the bed between the mattress and box springs. The sheet corners will still be hanging over the edge of the bed, which is perfectly fine. Create a hospital corner with them by pulling the sheet up about 16 inches from the foot of the bed and then tucking the lower-draped, triangular part in between the mattress and springs. Hold the corner in place and fold the top drape over at a 45º angle before tucking it in between the mattress and the springs. Repeat this on both sides.


Be generous to yourself with the pillows

You can’t beat climbing into a big bed and resting your head on lots of pillows. It’s über-comfy and the bigger it is, the more pillows you need. For a queen-or king-size bed, four or five pillows is, literally, a comfortable figure. Stand two of them up against the bed frame if you wish to give them that supported look. Don’t forget to fluff the pillows to keep them soft!


How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel Bed


A few extras

From the way you take care of the sheets through to furnishings, there are extra lengths you can go to and really achieve that luxury hotel-style feel for your bed. Follow the suggestions below to make it happen:


Look after your sheets

Sheets can be a bit unwieldy, to say the least, but you’ve got to take care of them and not let them get all smelly. Wash them once per week. If you tumble dry them, you’ll have to put in more elbow grease when you iron, so dry them outside if you can and make life easier for yourself.


You might not be able to do your laundry as easily as a hotel, so ironing sheets may be a struggle. The best way is with a roller iron, but if that’s not possible, fold the sheets in half and iron them on one side and then on the other.


Place a rug by the bed

On a cold day, you’ll really appreciate the feel of a fluffy rug between your toes. The rug continues the luxury experience from the bed to the floor. It’s a real treat for your toes and eases you gently into the day after a delicious night’s sleep. Much better than stepping onto a cold, hard floor!


Adjust your lighting

Hotels often use lamps and bulbs with low wattages and warm colours, which make the room feel a lot more inviting and cosier. The cosiness factor aside, often, the hotel room lighting can help the brain relax and send you into a much more peaceful sleep. Marvellous!


You don’t always have to sleep in a hotel to experience the luxurious feel of a hotel bed. Above you have the techniques to make your bed in such a way that whether you’re coming from a hard day at the office or a day of easy leisure, you’ll feel as if you’re on holiday when you sleep between your sheets. Ahhh… isn’t that beautiful!