How to Make Your Home Worth More When You Sell

Home Worth More When You Sell
















Your home is a big investment, and if there comes a time when you want to sell your home, you want to get the best value you can. How much potential buyers will pay depends as much on how the home looks on the inside as it does on the outside. If you can make your home look inviting and well maintained, you are more likely to get a quick sale. Here are some of the ways you can give your house a make-over.

Give the Basement a Refurb

When placing your home up for sale, you want your real estate agent like, to give you the best valuation possible. To facilitate this, you want every part of your home to look its best, and that includes the basement. For most properties, the basement is more of a practical room than anything else. You might keep your washing machines, old furniture and store things you don’t use regularly down there. You want to make the basement look more than just a place for storage. Try giving it a coat of paint and add some sofas or bean bags so it becomes an area you can chill out and watch television. You should also minimize the clutter.

Clean up Your Decking

If you have decking in your backyard, then you should give it a good clean and add some nice chairs, so it looks like somewhere you might want to sit out in the summer. If you don’t have any decking, then you might want to consider having one built. It might sound like a big expense, however, on average, a homeowner recoups around 76 percent of that investment if they do. Potential buyers want to have things there for them when they buy, if you do the work for them, they will likely pay more for your property.

Have a Redecoration Party

Painting your home is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add some value to your home. To help you paint the house quicker, why not invite some friends and family round for a painting party? You can provide food and music, and they can provide their time to help you. In no time, you will have the house repainted and will have gone a long way to getting your home sold.

Keep Things Tidy

When you are expecting buyers to come and visit your home, you need to make sure that all the rooms are tidy. If there is too much clutter around, then prospective buyers won’t be able to see the potential in the rooms or the space that’s available. It is also a good opportunity to have a declutter and throw out some things that you won’t want to take with you to your new house.

Just doing a few things to your home, you can ensure that you get the best possible price for your property and you will be able to get that quick sale.