How to Make Your House a Smart Home

With today’s technology, having a smart house is no longer just for late 90’s Disney Channel movies. You can easily automate your simple, everyday tasks by incorporating voice commands and artificial intelligence into your home. Smart homes give you the convenience of being able to control your home anywhere you are, right from your smartphone.


Living in a smart home has a lot of advantages besides getting out of having to do some of your tasks on your own. Automated systems in your house do a much better job at monitoring thing than humans can, even if you pay close attention to detail. One of the most common reasons for getting a smart house is the energy you can save. Smart thermostats can make sure your house is heated properly and smart irrigation systems give your yard just enough water. Security systems are also better at keeping your home and family safe.

Smart speakers

The first and most important step to getting started with your transition to a smart home is picking out smart speakers. If you’re even a little bit interested in smart homes, chances are you’ve definitely heard of these before. These devices have gotten exceedingly popular over the past few years. Some of the most popular options are Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and the Google Home Hub. On their own, smart speakers allow you to give voice commands, ask questions, and play music.


If you plan on incorporating other smart devices into your home, having smart speakers will be essential for you to use them to their full potential. Most of the different gadgets you can get for your smart house are able to be hooked up to your speakers. Having a smart speaker is a great way to get into the smart home world and will make the rest of your experience go a little smoother.

Smart lighting

Installing smart light bulbs are a quick and easy way to quickly change the whole mood of a room. With a smart light bulb, you’re able to change the hue and brightness of your lights right with your phone. You can also turn them on and off from anywhere, which can be helpful to make people think you’re home when you’re really not. Many smart light bulbs also give you a whole palette of color options to fight your mood and events.  


You can set smart lights to work with your schedule, too. In the morning, you can set them to slowly turn on to mimic the sun, or turn on all at once to help wake you up.

Water systems

If you’re looking into reducing the amount of water you use, there are a variety of different smart water systems that can work. Smart shower heads can show you exactly how much water you’re using in the shower and you can set them to a limit to force you to use less water. Water filters for your sink can also be tracked through an app on your phone to show your water usage.


You can even get smart water systems for the outdoors. There are a few different devices that will track your location, weather, and the types of plants you have to properly water it. This ensures that your yard is well taken care of without you having to do anything and can reduce the amount of water you use outside.

Smart thermostats

A popular choice for smart homes is thermostats. Smart thermostats can study your behavior to figure out exactly what temperature you like best. It can also tell what rooms are getting more heat so it can know how to properly heat individual rooms. Since smart thermostats can be controlled through an app, you’ll also be able to set the temperature of your house when you’re not home so it’s not working when it doesn’t have to.

Security systems

One of the most important benefits of smart homes is improved security. Smart home security systems and cameras allow you to keep an eye on your home when you’re not there. When you’re away on vacation or even just at work, you can be alerted to any changes in your home, whether its a burglar or your pet.


Smart door locks can also do a lot to help keep your home protected. Everyone has worried about whether or not they locked the doors before they left home, smart locks allow you to lock them remotely. This is also a good option for people who are prone to forgetting their keys, so long as you remember your phone.