How to Make a Master Bathroom Look Luxurious

How to Make a Master Bathroom Look Luxurious


A master bathroom is a place of so many things. It's a chance to get away from the world and escape. For many, it's an opportunity to deck out their own private bath in total luxury. These easy tips make it possible to update any space in style.

Start With Lighting

Lighting is an easy and elegant way to make it all feel spacious. The use of lighting should take into account the time of day. You want to have different lighting options that allow you to take full advantage of the change of time. During the day, make it all work with a series of large windows along one end of the room. Bring in shades that let you control how much let light gets in so you can keep it as private as you want. This is a good place to open up the ceiling and install a skylight. Skylights can be used with shutters to control the light in the room even further.

When night falls, amp up the lighting and create a totally romantic retreat. Lots of candles can be scattered across the bath and other spaces. Another lighting can be equally artful. Use them in a single series of hues in the same color with lots of candle holders for extra elegance. A series of small scones can be placed in strategic places to add unobtrusive lighting so you can see what you're doing.

The Walls

The walls need equal attention. Custom prints are your way to bring in the pizzazz and make this space your own in every way. You can create groupings that make the room feel like a personal retreat from the world and remind you of the things you love most.

Another option that many people really adore are wallpapers that allow you to put your own stamp on the space. Look for wallpapers that are specifically designed for the challenges of the bathroom. There are many on the market that are easy to keep clean and will remain on the walls without peeling off. Think about your favorite colors. Gold and silver stripes are one way to make it dazzle from every angle. Other kinds of wallpapers work just as fine. You can find wallpapers that have delicate and elegant delights. Little details like a layer of charming florals can make your space a haven that celebrates the joy of spring all year long.

Go For Mirrors

Mirrors are essential in any bathroom. You need to see what you're doing. For that reason, a series of beautiful mirrors polished to shine is ideal. Look for intricate mirrors that have lots of elegance and ease. A large mirror on one side of the bathroom also makes the room look even larger.

Other mirrors can be scattered across the room for additional ease and practicality. You can bring in unusual mirrors like antique mirrors that are right for a classic look. A light-up makeup mirror makes it easy for you to get on your way in the morning.

Tiling is Just Right

Tile are another area where you can bring in the total upscale feel. There are many kinds of luxurious tiles just for the bath on the market today. Marble comes in many different patterns and looks good in any master bathroom. Modern home goods companies are showing off equally wonderful options. You'll find tiles that look like the best mahogany but are made from more durable materials. Put them on the floor or put them on the walls. The tiles will do the rest for you in the entire room.

A great way to add something unique and totally luxurious is to add in your own personal mural. Murals have been used for centuries to make any room a place to show off your lovely taste. You can commission your own mural. Think about a favorite scene such as a vista from a place you've been on your honeymoon. Recreate it in tile form on one wall of your master bathroom. Add in matching tiles from the same color palette across one end of your bathroom. You'll love the look.

Organization is Key

If your bathroom is unorganized, it will not feel as luxurious as you may wish it did. Clutter and mess add up to making it appear not as sophisticated. Fortunately, there are many options that exist to help deal with this.

The first option is the shelving. Shelving is essential in any bathroom – as it helps keep it organized and mess-free. You can store toiletries, towels, hand towels, etc.

If shelving is not an option, consider storing beauty products in a cosmetic organizer. This will ensure that your products are neatly organized, and out of your guest’s way.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take much effort to make a bathroom look and feel luxurious. Start with steps that are easiest to accomplish, and slowly work your way to the bigger changes. You’ll be pleased with the end result, and your guests will compliment you.