How to Plan The Perfect Bachelorette for Any Bride

Being tasked with planning the bachelorette party for the bride-to-be and all of her friends can be a fun, yet daunting, task. Where do you start? What do you do? How do you know everyone will have fun? Do you go elegant or wild?

Luckily, we have a few tips that will guide you along to planning the perfect bachelorette party suitable for any bride.

What Does the Bride Want?

Before you start planning, you want to check with the bride first. The party is for her, so you want to ensure you plan a party that she will enjoy.

Ask her questions that will help you decide on a venue. Does she want a weekend getaway? Would she prefer something more quiet and subdued? Are there any restrictions as to what the group can and can’t do? Remember, the party is for her, so you’re best to honor all of her requests.

Pick a Location

For some brides, where you have the party is the most crucial part. After you’ve questioned her on what she does and doesn’t want, you should have a good idea of a location that will fall within her parameters. Maybe she wants to fly out to Vegas for the weekend or invite her close friends to head out to a nearby cottage for the night.

Set a Date

Depending on how large the bachelorette party will be, you want to give the guests enough notice to make travel preparations. Find a date that works for the bride and bridal party, and then consider any additional friends she may want to include.

Get the Invite List

Another crucial element is finding out who the bride would like to invite to the party. This is her big party, so she will want to only have those she cares about with her. Make sure to honor her wishes and approve any additional guests with her.

Come Up With a Flexible Itinerary

A bachelorette party is not a typical party that you can plan the night before. It takes some thinking and research so that you have the best games for the entire night or weekend. At the same time though, you do want to make room for some flexibility and random adventures.

Compile a list of games available for the bride to choose from. Whether it be drinking games, a bachelorette scavenger hunt, or anything else you can come up with, include enough activities to keep the night going.

Purchase Bachelorette Goodies

It’s quite common for bachelorette parties to have fun, wild, and girly decorations and treats. From hats and sashes to little bottles of champagne, the more you can get that will showcase how awesome this bachelorette party will be, the better.

Collect Money

It’s typical for those who attend the bachelorette party to help chip in for the cost, minus the bride, of course. Don’t be afraid to ask the guests to help cover some of the large expenses, especially if you’re going away for the weekend. Be upfront with what the cost will be, but try to keep things within a reasonable budget.

Have fun planning your friend’s bachelorette party. They don’t happen very often, so you want to make it something to remember. There are many fun and unique ideas that will make this bachelorette party one for the books.