How to Prepare for College this Summer Workshop

"How to Prepare for College this Summer Workshop"

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If you’re the parent of a high school student who’s planning on attending a four-year state university or private college, you must attend this FREE workshop.

Come learn the insiders’ secrets and strategies to send your child to schools you never thought you could afford... and get them working on college now, instead of playing video games or taking another beach day!

They can succeed regardless of how much money you make or what you own, or even how good of a student you have.

This fast-paced, 75-minute informative workshop will educate you about all areas of planning and paying for college. The class is strictly informational and nothing is for sale.

During this class, here is just a fraction of what you will learn:

• How you can get need-based scholarships and grants even if your family makes a six-figure income.
• How to avoid the single biggest mistake 73% of parents make when applying for scholarships—a mistake that costs them thousands of dollars in lost aid.
• What the SAT and ACT are really used for, and how doing well can save your family $100,000 per student!
• How to understand the complicated formulas colleges used to determine your family’s financial contribution and how to plan ahead so that your cost is as low as legally possible.
• What to do if you haven't saved a single dime for school (Oops! Don't worry, you're not alone. We will discuss exactly how to fix it.)
• How to avoid falling for the 5 biggest myths about financial aid that most parents believe, that forces them to go deeply into debt when they don't have to... and in some cases ruins their retirement.
• Three questions you MUST ask any school your child plans to attend... before they even apply.
• How 529s and college savings plans can cost you ten times more than what they save, and what to do if you have one of these ticking time bombs!

This class is being taught by Sylvia Caruthers of Ducerus: Your Total College Solution, and a financial aid expert who has helped families save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the cost of attending their top university.

The event is free, but seating is limited by the size of the room, so be sure to reserve your seat now. Both parent and student are encouraged to attend and we would greatly appreciate it if you invite other families you know to attend as well. We welcome everyone as long as we have space, and we know they will thank you too. There is a button in the upper left-hand corner of the page just below the picture to share this class if you wish.

As mentioned previously, nothing is for sale, and no products will be discussed.

Register now with How to Prepare for College This Summer.

Can't attend?  Call or text us your email address for the handouts and/or information on the next event in your area (760) 224-0653.