How to Put Together a House-Warming After Buying Your Luxury Home


There is so much stress associated with buying a new house. You’re likely to have to go through the process of viewing numerous houses before finally seeing one that you like, and that’s within your budget. You then have to go undergo the legal procedures, contracts, and home inspections before you finally close on the house. After going through all of these many stages and more, you may want to celebrate and welcome people to your new home by having a traditional house-warming event. This is a way to welcome people to your new house as well as mark the beginning of a new chapter. On these premises, this article will discuss how to put together a housewarming after buying your luxury home.

Ensure You’re Done Decorating

Before you put together a house-warming, it is important that you’ve finished all the last-minute touches on your home. Inviting people to see your house when you still have pending painting jobs and there are no light bulbs in the toilet, for instance, may not be a good idea. Since you’ve gone through so much stress already, why not wait a little bit longer and ensure you present your new home in the best way possible? If you aren’t finished decorating yet but are adamant about having the housewarming, you can also consider simple DIY decorations. When planning your house-warming, you could also consider calling a cleaning company to give your home an added sparkle. Also, try and pay attention to details such as stocking the bathrooms with hand towels, ensuring the house smells inviting, and checking that everything works properly.

Make Sure the Food is Top-Notch

Another aspect of planning a house-warming for your new luxury home that you should think about is the provision of food. It is polite to provide food or refreshments for your guests, however, you can decide to either cook the food yourself or call in a catering service. If you decide on the latter, perhaps just opt for a main meal and light foods as opposed to a three-course meal. If you really want to go all out, you could also hire an ice cream truck catering service for dessert. This will especially work well if your house-warming will primarily be in your back garden. Whatever the case, try and see to it that the food is delicious and befitting for a luxury home.

Cover Entertainment

Although housewarmings are usually relatively laid back, you should consider light entertainment to keep your guests engaged and create the right ambiance. You could have an MC to welcome people as well as make a few comments on your new home. In addition, playing music that sets your desired tone for the gathering may also be a good idea. If it’s small and intimate, you could also consider playing games at your housewarming such as chess, icebreakers, and any other games that will spark engaging conversation and interaction. The primary objective, however, should be to keep your guests entertained.

Buying a luxury home is an achievement that you’re likely proud of, and rightfully so. It isn’t easy to buy a house and go through the stages of renovating and decorating it until it’s up to standard. For this reason, putting together a house-warming to celebrate is a great way to acknowledge your hard work. Hopefully, you will find some of these tips useful when you’re in the process of doing so.