How to Raise Additional Cash for a Home Refurb

If you're in desperate need of renovating your house, you might be struggling to find enough money to do it. The good news is, renovating your property can often add tons of value to it, making it worth loads more in the long run. That's great if you intend to sell your property, but what if you want to carry on living there and simply don't have the money to get the right rooms done? Read on to find out how you can find some extra cash to get your house looking its best.


1. Consider remortgaging

If you really need to update the interiors of your home and can't afford to do it otherwise, you might want to consider remortgaging your home. While this is only the right choice for some people, just make sure you get the right financial offer for it to make sense. The good thing is that you shouldn't have to release too much equity in order to get the cash for a good refurb project. You don't need to remortgage your entire home — just a little bit could be enough.


2. Consider a title loan on your car

Instead of mortgaging your home, you might want to try a similar process on your car or some other high-cost item. You can do a title loan on your car, motorhome, boat or another similar property.

How do title loans work? It works like this: you give the title of your vehicle (or other property) to a title loan company and they hold onto it for you in return for some cash. In the meantime, you still keep your vehicle and get to use it while you pay the loan back. This means you get to keep your property but get some extra cash against it in the process. It can be an affordable way to get the money you need, but you'll obviously have to pay some interest in order to release the title back to you. Make sure you can afford to do that.


3. Consider moving to a cheaper property

If you really can't afford to get your home in a livable condition, and you can't find the funds elsewhere, you might need to move to a cheaper property. This could be a slightly smaller house or a slightly cheaper location. It can be a tough choice, but you'll need to decide what's more important to you and if you'd rather live in an un-refurbished home while you wait to get more money.


4. Sell what you can

Since you're saving for a refurb, the good thing is that you should have lots of junk to sell. You can try a yard sale, eBay, local second hand stores, or loads of other places to get some extra money. If you shift enough unwanted stuff, it could help pay for your refurb.


5. Do a lot of the work yourself

To save money on your refurb costs, consider doing most of the manual labor yourself. This can be a great way to reduce costs and get the finish you want at an affordable price.