How to Redesign Your Dressing Room

Everyone needs a suitable space for getting ready each morning so that they can get prepared physically and mentally for the day ahead. When you have a suitable dressing room, you can quickly get ready each day and help to make the most of your morning before heading out the door. Here are a few tips for redesigning your dressing room which could make a big difference to your life in many areas.



Perhaps most important is having enough storage space. The dressing room needs to be neatly organized so that you can quickly find everything that you need when trying to get ready but also to create a calm and clean space. In addition to having a wardrobe for your clothes, you should also have drawers for items like hair accessories, jewelry, and makeup.


Dressing Table & Chair

It is essential that you have a dressing table and chair as this is where you can sit down and get ready for the day ahead. This can be tricky if you do not have much space but you can always opt for small furniture like an ottoman and a table that has drawers with storage in.



You can’t get ready without a mirror so you need to invest in a high-quality and large enough mirror that allows you to see your full reflection - ideally, this will be hung on the wall so that it does not take up too much space. Places like Cox & Cox carry a wide range of practical and beautiful bathroom mirrors that will be a great addition to your dressing room and help you to look and feel your best every day.



This is a space primarily for getting ready each day so decoration is not hugely important but it should still be a place that you feel happy and comfortable so it should not be sparse. You do not want to clutter this space (especially if it is a small room) so you must be selective when adding decoration. A few good options for this space include wall art, family photographs and flowers/plants. Additionally, you need to clean this space on a regular basis to keep it looking its best.


Having a functional, comfortable and stylish dressing room can make a huge difference to your home and life. Everyone needs a space where they can get ready for the day ahead and the above tips should help you to create the perfect area for doing this.