How to Safely Ship Your Car to Another State



Moving in itself is a hard experience as it is, especially if it’s to another state, moving your car can also make matters worse if your plan doesn’t include driving the car yourself to another state. You shouldn’t need to worry because there is more than one way to get your vehicle safely to another state, from driving the car yourself to having it shipped using a professional air freight service, we will be reviewing some of the best methods to ship your car while taking into consideration more than one different criterion like price, time, and safety.


The general approach of choosing a shipping company is to check their reviews on the internet; most companies had been reviewed by previous customers who also provide testimonials, try going to common or neutral review sites like yelp to be on the safe side and make sure no manipulation of reviews is taking place. You can ask a friend for a recommendation if that’s also possible. Make sure to check the US dot number to know if the company you’re potentially going to deal with is legitimate or not.

Time for a Road Trip

If you have a little time on your hands and feeling like driving your car across states, then this option might be the one for you. It is definitely the cheapest option because you’ll only be paying for gas, and maybe have some fun while visiting some other states on your way. If you want the trip to be a one-way road trip and take all your belongings with you, you can always rent a trailer and hitch it to the back of your car.

Have a Professional Drive it for You

This is one of the most readily used methods to transport cars across states. You can hire professional auto driveaway service to assign a driver and drive your car to the provided destination. This website: driveaway service can provide pre-screened drivers with years of professional experience. You’ll find similar companies providing these kinds of services wherever you are situated, just get down to a bit of research. Such companies also provide services such as handling all the required paperwork and insurance matters. They may also provide the option to select if you want your driver to wait for you at the airport or to deliver it at a specific address. You can contact them to get a quote and know the price beforehand.

Hire an Auto Transporter

If you would prefer not to put on miles on your car, you can hire a professional auto transportation service to load your car on a truck bed. This has always been one of the most convenient methods of auto transportation, and because it is widely available, you can expect a good price. Pricing depends on the type and size of your car, the truck used, and the distance that is covered. There are two known different methods of transporting your car via a truck; open-air, with no sides or roofs on the back of the truck; enclosed, where the back of the truck has a roof and sides specifically made for car transportation, this is the safer option, but it usually costs more.

Book Your Car a Plane Ticket

This option is more common when you are moving from one country to another, thanks to its reliability and speed, but it’s also a viable option to consider when you are moving from one state to another. You should know that the cost of shipping a car by plane is almost the same as the cost of a mid-range new car, so if money is a bit tight, this is probably not the best cost-effective way to ship your car. There are a few criteria that control the price of shipping; weight and size, the heavier and bigger a car is the more expensive it’s going to cost to ship it; the state of the car, whether it’s new or used, an antique car that should be handled with extreme care; the distance traveled, as well as taking into consideration if there are taxes on importing and exporting. That being said, if time is of the essence and the cost is no big deal, then you should definitely go with air freight.

How to Prepare for the Pickup

A lot of auto transportation services provides you with GPS tracking services, so you wouldn’t have to panic in case the car is taking longer than expected to be shipped, so having a company with GPS tracking is definitely going to make things easier, especially for those who are anxious about an expensive car. Most professional and reliable auto transport services are going to give you an accurate estimate and in worst cases give you details about the cause of delay in case there are any. Once your car arrives, you should you inspect it carefully to look for any dents, scratches, or any signs of damage, and if you found any, then you should report it to your auto shipper before signing the Bill of Lading.

Making Sure Everything is in Check

Whichever service you decide to use in the end, make sure to photograph the vehicle to document its state because all auto transportation service will have you sign Bill of Lading to prove that the shipping process has been done conveniently with no damages and you’ll want to proof of your car’s state in case things go south. Also prepare your car beforehand by making sure that the battery is operating well and removing any valuables in the car, making sure the emergency brake is fully operational also adds to the safety of shipping. Your fuel tank should be at most a quarter of its volume because it can unnecessarily add weight to the car and increase the price of shipping. Once your car arrives safely, you need to register the car in your new state as soon as possible. Find out if your insurer operates in the same state that you moved to, because if not, then you may need to purchase a new policy with another insurer.