How to Save Money by Repairing Your Sunglasses Instead of

Throwing Them Out


Breaking your sunglasses can be frustrating and you might not always be able to replace them immediately due to financial constraints. Your broken, outdated or old sunglasses can be repaired or recycled instead of throwing them out, surprise surprise!


Whether your lenses have scratches, you’ve broken your sunglasses’ bridge or even lost a screw, you can always repair your sunglasses for continued use not to mention the amount of money you’ll save. The following are some ways you can repair your sunglasses instead of throwing them out to save money and the environment:

  1. Use Glue and Paper to Repair a Broken Bridge

It is possible to use glue on your sunglasses to fix the broken bridge. This is mainly effective for temporary fixes. The first step involves cleaning. Make sure the two broken pieces for repair are clean. Remove glue from previous repair attempts. If you used superglue, fingernail polish with acetone works best.


Gather your supplies such as super glue, thick pages of magazines or pieces of wrappings and sharp scissors in one place. If you are using paper wrappings, they should be glossy. However, if you choose to use magazines, they should match the color of your frames.


The scissors should be sharp. Use it to cut the wrappings into thin strips with width approximation of the frames. Use glue to place the strips of papers onto the frame; one strip at a time. Short papers can be used as splints across broken nosepiece. Always wait for each piece to dry before adding another.

  1. Fill or Remove Scratches to Fix the Lenses

Glass-etching products are usually applied on scratched lenses. It removes the anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings on your lenses. However, it leaves the original lenses intact. The glass-etching product is used on lenses made from plastics, but not glass.


The product fills the scratches on the lenses temporarily, making the scratches less visible with a glossy film.Take care not to polish or clean your plastic lenses to a point that the thickness of the surface changes. If you think your lenses are beyond repair you can get online to several well known companies and get your lens or lenses replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new pair of glasses. These online companies stock a huge variety of lens types and models and can even replace custom lenses too.  


Any product that changes the lenses of your sunglasses is also capable of changing its effectiveness and refraction.

  1. Use Household Cleaners

Household cleaners such as toothpaste, baking soda and abrasive cleaners can be used for scratched surfaces polishing. Wax products such as Carnauba cleaner wax or Lemon Pledge can fill the scratches with wax.


The disadvantage of using wax method is reduced visibility and the need for reapplied after a few days. Diluted ammonia and alcohol can also be rubbed onto the lenses surfaces with a soft cloth for polishing.


Wrapping It All Up


Lenses are delicate parts of a sunglass. Therefore, care is important when it comes to preventing them from getting scratched. This can be done using premium sunglass cases.

Find sturdy yet cushioned cases that can protect your sunglasses and keep its lenses safe.Make sure you clean your lenses frequently. Consider cleaning them on a daily basis with soapy water and using a soft cloth to dry them.