How to Seem Trendy without Trying

An Effortless Style Guide

Cable Classic David Yurman 14k Gold Bracelet with Blue Topaz, $625,

Photos used with permission

We’ve all seen those flashy style bloggers on Instagram. I can’t even scroll through the popular page without seeing flashes of trendy fashionista bloggers promoting merchandise. It seems to be the new trend. Integrating gorgeous looks with location and pretty looking food. There’s no telling if the photos are even real but they look nice of course. How hard could it be? Wake up, cute outfit, trendy café/restaurant, perfect pic, and repeat. But, what’s more exciting is the idea of showing the world your style. Fashion expresses who you are. Negin Mersalehi, nominated for Forbes Europe 30 under 30, pretty much looks perfect in every photo. Everyone wishes to travel the world posting pictures of our outfits for the day sipping on a cappuccino, looking effortlessly cool at trendy café’s.

Try hard styles are just not in. Nor will they ever be for that matter…Simplify. Simplify. Simplify…that’s all I can say. Natural makeup is always a must and the “natural look” is always ideal, but when it comes to fashion, it’s all about the daring colors, colorful bags, and edgy look. That Chloe bag can turn a nothing outfit into something. That Michael Kors watch or David Yurman bracelet can easily turn an average outfit into a 10, and let me tell you, you don’t even have to hire someone to find you the perfect outfit. It’s all about looking in the right places for these chic styles.

There’s really no other self-expressive way to make a dynamic statement than wearing the latest fashion trends. People take you more seriously when you know how to dress too. I mean not only are you set for every job interview, but everything else comes easy too. Dressing up should be fun and enjoyable. I always knew what I wanted and didn’t like dressing up the way other people wanted me to. As long as I am comfortable with what I am wearing I feel confident. That’s why fashion, dressing up and feeling strong and dominant when you leave your house is all vital to being successful and accomplishing anything. Life is hectic, at least we can feel sure about one thing. The way you feel about yourself when you wear anything or even leave the house tells a lot about your motivation and drive to accomplish any task or goal. Not all of us can afford stylists and five-star beauticians to get us ready for a work day, or just to leave the house but if we can take anything with us it’s that creating a morning routine like turning on some good music or going for a morning run before planning your outfit for the day makes it a more enjoyable process. Confidence is key of course. Before doing anything, taking a deep breath helps, but so does self-perspective.

The way we perceive ourselves through the way we dress is pivotal. Style is everything. Fashion is alive. Wearing the brands means nothing if you don’t represent the identity. For instance, 2018 brings in some pretty fresh styles. First with wallet purses. Prada, Chanel, Coach, Chloe, YSL, anything that has a pop of color is key. Reds, blues, greens, crème, all of that is in. Alex and Ani bracelets are still a thing, high-waisted shorts, jeans, and even converse are still in. But really it seems people are pretty comfortable in their decked-out in Lululemon yoga pants, a t-shirt, maybe a matching hat to be extra chic and some comfortable, yet hipster Techloom Rose Gold Phantom Lulus speaks wonders.

A Balmain black leather cropped jacket is a great way to downplay any outfit on a casual weekday or dress it up for a night out. Pair with some hot pink Jimmy Choo pumps or go extra bold with all black from head-to-toe or even pair this setup with some new Gucci ‘Ace’ Sneakers. Or, simply pair any outfit like this one with some classic Adidas sneakers and you’ll surely make every eye do a double take without looking like you put a ton of effort into your outfit. This fall, pull out your stripes and polka dots especially if you’re actively trying to keep up with this coming trend. That is sweater dresses. Floral patterned v-neck blouses and L’Aacademie wrap dresses are in. Simply throw on your darkest jeans and complete the look by pairing with a Gucci belt, the new Eyelove Stuart Weitzman mules, or simply a crème cashmere sweater and voila your outfit’s complete! For a casual, put-together look, it is all about the boyfriend jeans. Distressed slim Rag & Bone’s, a logo back, zip-front bomber jacket and a classic gold/silver David Yurman bracelet are all you need for a look that screams elegant and classy but laid back. Try it out! You’ll thank me later.

Most people think dressing with style is difficult or stressful. Finding the perfect outfit for work, a night out, or on a day-to-day basis should be fun. The thing is, layering trendy jackets with a simple outfit, or a pair of Hudson’s and a simple ALLSAINTS Emelyn tonic raw-edge v-neck shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s not rocket science, but it can be a little intimidating to some. That’s why getting ideas from magazines, Pinterest, Instagram or even out on the streets is important. Get inspired by your surroundings and channel it into your outfit.