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Perfect Your Home with These Staging Tips

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Springtime brings to mind images of pastel colors, flowers, baby birds, and April showers. It is a time for changing out your cold winter clothing for a more lighter attire, and it’s the season to get your home in order. If you could spend your sunny spring days smelling the roses instead of being stuck with a stack of clutter that has been annoying you since the holidays, take our advice. We got these tips from a Home Stager, or better yet, you can always hire one! 

As many San Diegans start out, my family consisted of Mid-Westerners for over a decade. There are lots of things to love about Wisconsin, where I used to live, but the winters weren’t one of them. So we packed up in search of greener pastures and landed in Carlsbad two years ago. As many San Diegans also know, space is at a premium in SoCal, and we found ourselves downsizing from a 10,000 square foot Wisconsin Estate to a smaller California beach house—and paying the exact same price. After a full renovation, we were stuck with the existing furniture that we had from our mid-western abode. Some of it fit nicely, while many items just didn’t quite go. I had used a Home Organizer before but didn’t like the process or the look of plastic bins unceremoniously lining closets and walls. I wanted someone who had an eye for design, would work with my existing furniture and decor and could help me say goodbye to my midwestern memories. Isabelle Sharp of Maison Moderne in Encinitas fit the bill.

I had purged, donated, passed down, and thrown out countless boxes of no longer needed junk, but still had boxes of odds and ends cramming the corners of every room in my house. The thing about clutter is that you start to go blind to it because in your mind, you have a plan for it. One day you'll get around to dealing with that area but for now, it sits. Isabelle Sharp became the little shot of espresso that my house needed to whip it into shape. As a home stager, she creates warmth and tries to convey a sense of emotion to an empty house. With our home, she found out how we used each room and then reconfigured the furniture, and brought in knick-knacks or furniture pieces from other areas of the house to convey that same warmth. Isabelle tends to favor clean lines, and with us having four kids in the household, she worked magic at keeping our home family-oriented, but not overflowing with toys, crayons, and books galore.

The transformation was exactly what I had pictured while doing the renovations, I just hadn’t known how to get it picture perfect—this is Isabelle’s specialty. It didn’t take much; my home shows like the drool-worthy model homes I would endlessly peruse for inspiration, and I’m already all moved-in. I talked with Isabelle Sharp to get some ideas of how she approaches design and decluttering, just in time for some quintessential spring cleaning!