How to Start a House Cleaning Business

Being your own boss and making a lot of money are just some of the benefits you will get in running your very own house cleaning company. If done correctly, you’ll earn a considerable amount of cash right away.  Due to its high demand, this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.





But first, how to start a house cleaning business? While the sound of creating your own business seem intimidating, the step by step process is not really hard to follow.


1.  Acquaint Yourself with the Law in Your State

A lot of states need you to get a license for you to operate a house cleaning business in your local area. Some states also require you to take specific classes before they will issue a business license. Many cities will also need you to settle some payment to keep your license for your business.


2.  Know The Importance of Insurance

Despite it being mandatory by law or not, you must consider getting it before getting your house cleaning business started. You might accidentally break something while cleaning the house or the owner finds that something is missing and accuse you of it.


If unfortunate things like these happen, you will know that something is going to cover the damages you need to take care of.


3.  Document everything

It is said that you must keep all your important documents for at least 7 years. These documents include all the contracts, proofs of transactions, receipts, and the like. These have to be kept in a safe place if ever a time comes that you need them. Even though it seems like you might not need them and that they are consuming a lot of space, make sure to keep them.


Who knows, IRS might question something on your tax returns that does not make sense to them and it might come back and look for you. Keep them for “just in case” situations.


4.  Get a Business Account

Get a bank account specifically to your business and if you are not able to do it, then having a separate personal account should be enough. This means it is used only for your business and nothing else. This is to track every business transaction you have, including the money coming in and coming out. This account has to be used for your deposits, cleaning supplies purchases, paying staff, etc.


If you have a separate business account, it is going to make it a lot easier for you to prepare for filing tax returns by the end of the year.


5.  Learn How to Respect the Customer Even If They Are Not Happy

It does not necessarily mean that the customers are always right. If one of your customers says that they’re not happy with your service satisfied, promise them you’ll do better next time and ask them to give you another chance. Keep in mind that, unsatisfied customers are a lot likely to spread the word compared to the ones that are satisfied with what you offered them.





See to it that you keep good relations with your client base even though they stopped contracting you to do the job for them. Make sure to keep them informed and update with your new services and special offers, and there will be more possibilities for you to be contacted again.


These are just the first five things you have to consider if you want to know how to start a house cleaning business. You will find that when you’re settled in and have fabricated a positive reputation, customers are going to ask for your service more often.


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