How to Stay Cold-Free This Season

Best Tips to Avoid Catching a Cold


How to Stay Cold-Free This Season

Our immune system needs some fighter techniques and ways to get support when infections and other “bad guys” start attacking. A stressful lifestyle, poor diet, and colder weather can create a condition in which our body can struggle in fighting the fight against viruses. We looked for some helpful advice to avoid cold this winter from a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Meagan Strodel.

Dr. Strodel suggested natural ways that support our immune system:

The Basic Necessities - Sleep, Clean and Fresh Air, Healthy Relationships

We all know this and still, have a hard time providing these basics to our body. Getting a good night of uninterrupted sleep can’t be accentuated enough and there are strategies we can take to get better with our sleeping habits. Also, insisting on giving our bodies some exposure to sunlight and fresh air will help us sleep better, usually includes at least a walking activity, and it will be beneficial for our health. Healthy relationships make us sane and strong and with keeping them healthy, we’re actually keeping our bodies stress-free and in good shape.


Crucial for our lymph moving and our kidneys getting filtered, hydration doesn’t only include sipping cool water when you’re thirsty. Yes, it’s recommended to drink 8 to 9 glasses of water per day, but there is also a good technique of drinking hot water for every ten to 15 minutes throughout the day that will help you re-hydrate.

How to Stay Cold-Free This Season

Lymphatic Massage

Getting our lymph to do its job better in defending our body against illness, lymphatic massage is a great way of clearing sluggish tissues of waste and swelling. When our lymph system is congested, we feel tired and are more likely to catch cold or other infections. Doing light strokes towards your heart, without a lot of pressure, is a technique Dr. Strodel recommends for anyone to try the lymphatic massage yourself.

How to Stay Cold-Free This Season

Avoiding Food Allergens

Our immune system controls the defense system of our body and certain food allergens can compromise it. The difference between food allergy and food sensitivity is that with food allergy our body goes through a hard reaction while with food sensitivity the reaction is low. In both scenarios, our immune system will overreact and get weaker with even a tiny piece of food allergens we’re reacting to, so we should avoid them altogether.

Diet Add-Ons

No supplements can really help you in fighting a cold if you have a poor diet. Dr. Strodel encourages eating fruits and veggies on a daily basis, getting your vitamins or wellness formula - the combination of vitamins, taking elderberry syrup before sleep for cold and flu prevention, and introducing probiotics to our gut where the most of our immune system cells meet. Other add-on tips for our diet are definitely mushrooms (a great source of energy and help our performance boost) and variety of soups where you can chop garlic, carrots, celery, and other veggie superfoods. “No dairy when you start to feel sick and try to decrease the sugar intake since it suppresses the bad guys“, recommends Dr. Strodel.

Aroma-Help from Essential Oils

A new habit to embrace for our daily routine is to try out the benefits of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, thyme, or turmeric. The ways we can use them include steam inhalation since they’re very effective over mucus or putting the lavender on a cotton ball and then placing it in our pillowcases.

How to Stay Cold-Free This Season