How to Stay Safe on a Night Out


Men and women alike put themselves at risk on a night out. Women are taught how to protect themselves from an early age, and for good reason, but the fact of the matter is everyone going out drinking needs to take extra care. Most crime occurs at night, which is why it is important to protect yourself on a night out from potential danger you could put yourself in, as well as the danger caused by others. These dangers can be made worse by alcohol. Following the below points can help keep you safe on a night out.


Ensure People Know Where You Are Going


One of the easiest ways to stay safe is to let people know where you are going and when to expect you back home. This could be with the friends you are out with, or with someone you trust who is at home. This way, if you don’t check in, they can call you up and see where you are. If you are going out in an unfamiliar city this can be a great safety net to have, and can help ensure that if something does happen help will be going your way.


Be Safe With Your Drinks


Only consume a drink that you purchase yourself and see prepared. Women are told this constantly, yet anyone can be a victim of their drink being spiked. Don’t drink excessively and know your limits, and be familiar with the percentages of alcohol, too.


Take a Licensed Cab


When you go home, only used licensed cabs. In fact, it is actually ideal to only use vehicles you hire. This can mean calling a taxi service you trust, or using Uber and only selecting a driver with a good rating. These taxis are fully insured and can be trusted, whereas an unmarked cab you pick up off the street might not be insured, or could try to extort you for money since you didn’t agree on a price beforehand.


Know What to Do If There Has Been An Accident

There are a few obvious steps to take if you have been in an accident. Call for help, bring in the police and even an ambulance, and let them take the lead, but what about the day after? What if you were hurt because the club you went to wasn’t safe, or the driver was in a crash? Even as a passenger you deserve to have your medical bills and recovery costs covered if another driver decides to get behind the wheel drunk. That is why the day after an accident should follow up with a call to services such as 1-800 VINCENT, where you can hire a lawyer to go through the whole process for you and ensure you get the money you need to comfortably heal without a huge medical bill at the end of it.


Protecting yourself should be second nature. A car accident could happen to anyone. Getting into an unlicensed cab could spell danger. By simply taking the necessary precautions in advance, you can reduce the likelihood of danger striking and give your friends and family the ability to get you help faster.