How to Stream Audio and Video Files with a VPN


If you're familiar with torrent websites and the censorship policy around them, you know how it is difficult for an average Internet user to get access to that free content presented there.


Torrent websites are a great opportunity to get access to various entertaining content like music and movies without additional expenses and time for a research. Though many countries consider those websites to be illegal, there are some ways to get a free and fast access to them. So, if you're interested in one of the most popular torrent platform (international Netflix platforms, online stores, etc.), click here. We know the solution. And we're going to share it right now.

VPN Against Internet Censorship Policy

If you want to get an unlimited access to the most interesting content online, you need to have a VPN. And that is not a joke.

You've probably already heard a lot about a VPN as an effective tool for keeping your data safe and traffic hidden online. That's only a small part of all the advantages a VPN service provides. A virtual private network is much more than keeping your data safe while using a public network. Any VPN service, no matter how cheap or expensive it is, provides you with a unique opportunity to:

  • Hide and replace your real IP address with one click, thus change your geographical location to browse anonymously.

  • Get a full access to those content and websites, which are currently restricted in the region, where you stay in at the moment.

Going back to the problem of torrent websites and not being able to access them from very different countries, a VPN helps a lot. As it is the fastest solution to the problem. Europe, Asia, Australia, and America fully or partially block most popular torrent platforms on the net. Probably now you don't have access to over 90% of all of those websites only because not having a VPN.


Does a VPN harm your computer? A VPN doesn't influence the work of any of your devices in a bad way. Moreover, it provides multiple advantages to what you have now. As if you don't use a VPN, you risk losing all your data the moment you connect to a public network somewhere in the airport or hotel lobby. Do you want this? The same way, don't worry that the speed of the Internet connection will decrease only because of connecting online through a VPN.

The only thing that a virtual private network does is creating an invisible tunnel to transfer the traffic through. But this kind of a tunnel has no influence on the quality of your Internet connection. So, don't doubt to pick a service for all of your devices. Don't limit yourself to the websites, which are officially open in your region only. Visit streaming platforms, channels, and online department stores from other regions as well.