How to Style White Gold Jewelry

White gold has all the benefits of yellow gold, with the addition that it features a gorgeous light finish. White gold is created when gold is mixed with a “white” metal such as silver or nickel. This mix creates a range of shades that have been loosely coined as white gold. 


White gold is typically chosen for its understated beauty, it’s a great choice for people who are looking for subtlety, as opposed to flash. So if you’ve got pieces of white gold jewelry that have been gathering dust in your drawer — get ready to dust them off! Here’s how to style your white gold jewelry and look amazing while doing it!

Choose a Single Statement Piece

A statement piece does just that, it makes a statement. White gold is a great accent to any outfit as a statement piece, whether you want to big and bold or small and understated. Here are some specific examples:


  • Long and dangly white gold earrings pair well with an updo like a bun or top knot. 

  • A white gold broach or pin looks great on a solid color top. 

  • A simple white gold engagement ring can add a touch of sophistication.

  • White gold necklaces provide a focal point for outfits that expose the neck.


Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to go large and chunky with your statement piece! The larger the piece, the bigger the statement. 

Wear Bold Colors

 White gold acts as the perfect complement to any bold shade from amber to royal blue. Not to mention, you can pair white gold with colored stones as it serves as the perfect neutral backdrop to let those stones shine. If you have a bolder outfit that requires a refined piece, white gold can help to enhance your look. Pair white gold with any vibrant jewel color for a classic touch of charm.

Go Neutral

White gold has a naturally muted aspect about it, which makes it a great asset to any look that features neutral colors. Earthy tones like beige, black, brown, white, and grey are often worn with white gold jewelry, as it suits the deeper less lively colors. Brilliant diamonds and white gold jewelry can accentuate any neutral outfit.

Final Thoughts

The most important step to styling white gold jewelry is to simply be confident with your style choices. If the wild outfits and jewelry pieces that celebrities have been heralded for over the years have taught us anything, it’s that confidence goes a very long way when it comes to rocking what you love. 


If you feel yourself entering a fashion and style rut, try mixing things up. Pair that red turtleneck with some beige pumps and white gold earrings. Maybe buy a teal suit or a pair of burnt sienna pants - don’t be afraid of bright colors, especially if you’ve got white gold jewelry to act as a statement piece. Finally, remember that as long as you make every style choice with confidence, you’ll be sure to stand out and impress with whatever you choose!