How to Style a Watch All Year Long



Watches are a great way to express yourself, not to mention they make sure you’re always on time. The wrong watch is low-quality and does nothing to improve your personal style. Some women struggle to find ways to match their watch with anything they’re wearing, especially when the seasons start to change. Luckily, it’s not impossible to match your style with your wrist wear no matter what time of year it is.


Whether your go-to watch is a polished silver or a timeless leather, you can wear it like a pro. Here are tips for making your watch match your outfit no matter what it is you’re rocking this season. Finally, stop losing those minutes without your watch. It’s time to get back on track with your personal style.


Black and Gold-colored Analog Watch With Leather Strap

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First, Choose Quality


It’s important to make sure your watch selection is focused on quality. If you choose a low-quality watch, it won’t hold up over time. It’s easy to find “fashion” watches at fast fashion stores and online, and they might look really cute at the time. The reality is these watches are made of cheap materials that will completely fall apart and scratch within a few wears. Save your money and style by picking quality over low-cost.


A quality watch has a healthy weight, is made of “top leather,” and has a sapphire crystal face cover that’s resistant to scratching. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Choosing a Citizen Eco Drive, for example, will be a much better investment than that cheap knock-off you found at the mall. Remember, watches are an investment. They don’t go out of style, and they can last a lifetime if you take proper care of them.


Own a Variety


The easiest way to match your watch to any outfit is to have a few different styles to choose from. There are different watch styles designed for different types of wear. Not all will go with everything, but the right assortment is a must for any wardrobe. Here’s how to spot the most common watch types:


  • Casual - Casual watches are the most common, and these are perfect for everyday wear. They’re usually in neutral colors that go with anything. You can find them with leather straps or stainless steel bands.


  • Dress - Dress watches are more upscale. They’ll most likely be in gold or silver tones, and you might even find them decked out in diamonds, crystals, or other gems. They’re luxurious watches that make a statement. They’re nice enough to wear to even the most extravagant of events, and they always show your style.


  • Sport - That’s right, you can even rock a watch while you’re doing your favorite sport. Sports watches are usually waterproof with silicone or rubber, and they’re often digital as well. You can also choose a smartwatch that helps you keep track of your daily activity.


As you can see, there are a variety of styles to choose from. You’ll need to decide what makes sense for your lifestyle. If possible, have a few options to add to your wardrobe so you can switch things up regularly.


Focus on Fit


Beyond style, you need your watches to fit properly. A poorly fitting watch will always look unprofessional and not put together. Many people misunderstand how a watch is supposed to fit. It’s not supposed to be too tight that it makes imprints on your wrist. Upon the same wavelength, you also don’t want your watch to be too loose that it slides around your arm.


Find a watch that’s the perfect balance between loose and tight. That might sound confusing, but you should only have enough space to fit a single finger between your wrist and the band of the watch. If it doesn’t feel like the right size, consider removing a link or getting a custom fit.


Person Wearing Round Gold Watch With Black Leather Strap

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Smart Matching


Avoid being too matchy-matchy with your watch style. It’s okay if it pops as a bit of a statement. In fact, your watch has a lot to say about your personal style. That being said, some smart matching can go a long way to elevating your style.


If you’re wearing any bring colors, consider toning down your watch. You can never go wrong with a classic neutral like silver or gold. Avoid huge watch faces that seem to weigh down your arm. Another option is to match your watch to your accessories. What colors or shades are highlighted on your shoes, belt, or other jewelry? Black shoes and a brown watch are a matching mistake as far as fashion is concerned, but a black watch with black shoes show that you have your style together.


Learn how to wear your watch with confidence. These ideas above show that it’s possible to wear your watch even in the age of smartphones. Never lose track of time or be late to a meeting again, and elevate your style in the process. Nothing looks more put together than the perfect, quality watch.